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Chris Ising

Products used: Clayton Custom Black Celluloid picks 0.80 gauge, Colored Pearl picks 0.80 gauge and Colored Delrin picks 0.88 gauge.

“Clayton custom guitar picks look great, play great , and provide unparalleled quality. The custom print lasts and won’t wear from finger contact when playing. Clayton picks are the only brand I trust on stage and in the studio.”

Songwriter/Artist Chris Ising hails from Winnipeg Canada, where the winters are long and as a kid you’re either out in the bone chilling cold playing hockey or in the basement with a guitar in hand. Since the age of seven music has played an immense role in Chris’ life. During his university years Chris started his walk down the song writing path and found a new love for country music, taken in by the multitude of emotions that country music brings to life through its instrumentation and vocals.

With the signing of his first publishing contract Chris’ songs were being pitched to artists throughout North America, and 2010 saw his first song head into the studio with a group out of Alabama. Since that time he has worked with several artists, from Canada, USA, and Europe.

In 2014 Chris released his first single “I’m From The Country” to Canadian radio and quickly began to received airplay across Canada and Germany. He followed this up with a performance video for the song, and put the final touches on his second single ‘When Life Happens’ for a late 2014 release. Recognized as a hard-working and dedicated songwriter, Chris is sought after by writers and artists throughout the USA and Canada.

Website: http://www.chrisising.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/chrisising
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ChrisIsing
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cising

Category: A - F

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