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Christopher Fulmer

Products used: For promotional picks for fans and for some songs I use the “Black Celluiod, Standard, 0.50 with our band logo”. I will be ordering more pick types for full time playing with our logo now, probably “Acetal, standard, 0.80 with our band logo and Steve Clayton logo.

“Why I use Steve Clayton…because the picks are designed beautifully with our logo and colors, and look great for the fans. Plus they play and sound wonderful and can take a licking when playing hard like I do. Not many picks can do that.”

Christopher Fulmer is the founding member of Stays In Vegas and the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.

Christopher has been playing guitar and songwriting since he was 14. Music has always been in and around his life, beginning with his grandfather who was a country/bluegrass guitarist and musician. Christopher eventually picked up the guitar on a bet from a friend to see who could learn the fastest, and he never put it down.

Christopher has played guitar and also some vocals in earlier bands that included Frontal Exposure, Friction, GRIP and short stint in Two Dogs & One Bone and recorded a 3 song solo EP as well. He went on a musical hiatus for a number of years until in 2011 when a friend suggested that they start up a cover band, which became Stays In Vegas. Throughout the years, Christopher has always written songs and poems. His songs range from pure punk rock, to grunge and rock to even acoustic ballads and country/folk numbers. His home has always been with Alternative Rock and Punk.

Stays In Vegas is an Alternative/Indie Rock band from Cabot, AR. Their sound is a mixture of gritty indie-rock, grunge, acoustic rock ballads and some psychedelic flair thrown in as well. They have been related to a mixture of The Black Keys, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and The Strokes. Their first album, Faces For The Moment, is a 10 song LP that illustrates the dynamic flow of genres that the band loves. Their second studio album, Revelations, shows how the band have progressed their sound and become more dynamic across genres through a 15 song LP.

Website: www.staysinvegasofficial.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/staysinvegas
Instagram: – www.instagram.com/cfulmermusic

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