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Bilo Viscarra

Products used: Glow In The Dark 1.0 mm Custom Picks (Standard shape) and Colored Delrin 0.88 mm Custom Picks (Standard shape).

“When I discovered Clayton Picks I was only looking to get a customized pick with my face on it, I didn’t imagine that they were of such great quality, now I cannot play without my Clayton picks, they are awesome!”

Bilo Viscarra is a Bolivian guitar player, songwriter and singer. He started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and in 1997 he and his friends Juan Pacheco and Jherson Burgoa founded the band LoS ToCAYoS in their [...]

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The Chase Sanford Band

Products Used: Ultem and Acetal guitar picks.

“We use Steve Clayton Ultem and Acetal picks because of their strength and durability. They don’t warp or wear quickly regardless of the type of strings you use or how hard you play. We’ve used the Acetal picks for years. The Chase Sanford Band is proud to be partnered with a company that gives such attention to quality.”

“If you set yourself on fire, people will gather to watch you burn” has been the story behind The Chase Sanford Band since day one. The Chase Sanford Band has become a popular draw in [...]

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Bryce Dicus

Products Used: Various Acetal and Duraplex picks.

“Great picks. I am honored to be endorsed by Clayton Guitar Picks.”

25 year old Bryce Dicus grew up in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Bryce fell in love with music at an early age. He started playing at age 13 when his grandfather bought him his first guitar. Bryce started playing in church, and little gigs all the way through his sophomore year in high school. Bryce also has a passion for sports. He was fortunate enough to go to college on a wrestling scholarship, but his pas…sion for music and performing, kept calling him [...]

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Category: A - F

Lee Brice

Products Used: Clayton Custom Standard Ultem 0.72mm gauge.

“Ain’t nothin’ better than reaching way down in my pocket and grabbin’ my pick! I could play with it all day! Love it”

Lee Brice is a man whose time has come. On his stunning sophomore album, Hard 2 Love (Curb Records), the four-time Academy of Country Music nominee demonstrates a new maturity and patience, both in his songwriting and vocals.

“I made my first album, Love Like Crazy, over six years,” explains the South Carolina native, lifting his trademark turned-around ball cap and rubbing his forehead.

“It didn’t feel like [...]

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Products Used: 1mm Clayton White Delrin picks with the “Confirmed” logo printed on them that look super clean.

“I’ve been using Clayton pick for at least 17 years. I was introduced to them by a bandmate when I was a kid and I’ve used them ever since…well I have strayed and tried different picks in a pinch but they just didn’t feel like my Claytons! Now I exclusively use Clayton custom picks…forevah!!!”

Confirmed is on a mission with their songs that range from thought provoking beauty to full blown metal to help the lost and the broken see hope [...]

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Rahul Bharwani

Products used: Exclusively uses the Nutone Extra Heavy picks.

“The Nutone picks really deliver in terms of adaptability and comfort. It feels great to play everything from jazz, metal and everything in between with it.”

Rahul Bharwani is a LA based session guitarist and lead guitarist for the band Godlike In Ruin. Hailing from Indonesia, Rahul decided to travel to the U.S to study at the prestigious Musicians Institute where he was able to learn a plethora of musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, Latin, etc. Musicians Institute is also where he met his bandmates and the rest is history. [...]

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Category: M - R

Trevor Finlay

Products used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin 1.00mm standard shape.

“There’s something about having a guitar pick with your name on it that makes you feel like more of a ROCKSTAR!”

In June of 2007, Canadian-born TREVOR FINLAY visited Nashville for the first time for a little mini-vacation but something strange happened… When he got off the plane he was overwhelmed with the feeling that he was ‘home’ and a few short months and a mound of paperwork later, he moved there to stay.

TREVOR’s previous career included releasing 4 studio albums and touring incessantly all over the world (from Canada [...]

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Category: S - W

Chris Wilhelm

Products Used: Custom Black Celluloid Picks

Clayton picks allow me to be creative on and off the stage. Having our artwork beautifully printed on the picks gives us a more professional look, and using such a resilient product during a long guitar solo certainly makes my job easier! I feel confident playing anything knowing I’ve got a Clayton hitting the strings.

Chris Wilhelm, of The Doctors & The Lawyers, has been pushing the boundaries of the musical world since birth. His primary instrument is the guitar, which he first picked up at the age of 10. Chris is also a [...]

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