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SIlence The Saboteur

Products Used: Clayton Custom Delrin picks – Standard shape, 1.14mm gauge.

“Everything I could want in a pick!”

We are Silence The Saboteur, an uprising band from Canterbury, Connecticut that fuses elements from genres such as metal, punk, pop, and even prog, into one unique sound. The band consists of:

Jeffrey Young – Lead Vocals Thomas Linevitch – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Devon Odgers – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals Joshua Young – Bass Guitar Austin Perkins – Percussion/Backing Vocals

Website: http://www.silencethesaboteur.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SilenceTheSaboteur
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CMOFMusic
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/silencethesaboteur
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/STSFamily
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/silencethesaboteur
Deco-Apparel: http://stsfamily.deco-apparel.com/

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Category: S - W

Ben Horsley of Nishi

Products Used: Clayton Custom Acetal standard 0.80mm picks and Pro Shine Guitar Polish.

“When it comes to equipment I use, I’m a very fussy man. Constantly altering my picks to suite my playing. But not with Steve Clayton picks, they seemed to be made to suit me.”

Being a lad from Birmingham UK, I was raised to some very varied forms of music. It wasn’t until I decided to dig deeper in the music of Brum that I found bands such as Wizard, Slade and for me, most importantly… Black Sabbath.

I can’t be like the greats without having [...]

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Category: A - F

Kickin Valentina

Products Used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin 1.14 gauge standard shape and 0.88mm.

“Clayton picks make me look and play like a Rock Star on stage” – Chris

“Nothing makes my guitar squeal like a Clayton pick.” – Heber

Rising Atlanta band KICKIN VALENTINA is creating quite a buzz and has already established a rabid fan base. The band was formed in early 2013 by guitarist Heber Pampillion and drummer Jimmy Berdine. After meeting vocalist Joe Edwards (whose distinctive style has been described as a “diamond in the dirt”), they began writing and rehearsing, then recruited Chris Taylor to round out [...]

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Category: G - L

Dean Johanesen

Products Used: My first order of custom picks was with the White Derlin .8 gauge picks. I ordered those as a special gift to send out with my Kickstarter rewards packages and the response was great from those. I used the picks myself from that order for a good solid year for playing as well as giving out for promotion.

In 2013 I was accepted for an endorsement from the good folks at Clayton USA and I ordered a new round of celluloid picks in black at the 1.0 gauge with a revamped version of my logo.

I have enjoyed [...]

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Category: A - F

Ashley Taylor

Products Used: Clayton custom printed picks made of White Delrin standard size 1mm gauge and White Pearl Standard size 0.80mm. gauge

“These picks have had my back on stage,in the studio & in the writing room! They are durable,produce a great tone, & over the years have quickly become the only picks I use!”

Ashley Taylor is a Country Rocker straight off the streets of Bakersfield, California: the home of Country Music legends such as Buck Owens & Merle Haggard. Her style of country has been described as traditional with a touch of bling and has received praise from fans [...]

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Category: A - F

J Patrick McCosar

Products used: Clayton custom printed red and black picks

“I’ve come to rely heavily on Steve Clayton picks and products! Not only are they durable and reliable, they’re really flexible and help accentuate every nuance of my playing; a huge plus for me and the band’s music. The custom print on my picks has yet to fail me and is incredibly durable over months of hard playing! .”

At a very early age, J was exposed to and musically influenced by various styles of music. His mother had various rock and Motown records in her collection, however it was the [...]

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Category: G - L

Ryan Humphrey

Products Used: Clayton custom printed white acetal .63 picks, Clayton custom printed white Derlin .80 picks

“I love Clayton picks for a few reasons. One being they sound and feel great, while giving me different sound options on various songs. They are also great at making my logo and name look amazing so that I can stand out when I give them to fans!”

Ryan Humphrey is a singer songwriter from Charlottesville, Virginia. His music is best categorized as Americana with influences from T Bone Burnett, Jason Isbell, Ryan Bingham and Tom Petty. Ryan’s music is currently being played and [...]

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Category: M - R

Pinky Doodle Poodle

Products used: Spike Sharp Standard 0.80mm, Spike Sharp Teardrop 0.80mm and Ultem Rounded Triangle 0.72mm 0.80mm.

“We like to use pick made of Ultem material. After having tired other pick brands out, we like CLAYTON pick best. Spike or Ultem picks seem to generate clear and sharp sound.”

Pinky Doodle Poodle is a high energy, female fronted rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2008. PDP features lead vocalist/bassist/guitarist Yuria, a successful Japanese anime singer often heard in popular video games in Japan as well as on solo records and with her band Honey Bee (2004-2007).

Rounding out the [...]

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Category: M - R

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