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Einar Pedersen of Kelly Clarkson

Products used: Clayton custom picks

“I’ve been using Clayton picks for years. I’ve always liked the feel, and they don’t get shredded by big bass strings. Throw in the custom editor, and it’s a no-brainer. Definitely the best full color printing I’ve seen, and they made the editor really easy to use.”

A New Orleans native and naturalized Texan, Einar spent years in the Texas scene with bands like 90’s Houston prog-rock trio The Awful Truth; singer / songwriters like Kacy Crowley and Jeff Klein; and Austin’s psychedelic power pop group Goudie. Relocating to Los Angeles, Einar spent time [...]

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Products used: Flex Ultem and Ultem

“Clayton picks give a nice full tone without losing the high ends that we love. They have that incredible “bite”, like if they had teeth. And they last forever!” – Animesika

In 2005, friends Jaren and Dani met when Jaren started his solo career. After playing many concerts together, the band decides to go their separate ways.

Jaren moves to Miami, Fl to study vocal techniques, music business and Audio Engineering at SAE Institute, giving him the capability to express his ideas and participate in the creative process in a more personal level for [...]

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David Leikam

Products used: Clayton USA custom Acetal picks

“I use Clayton USA custom acetal picks on my NS Design CR6 electric cello and Ibanez electric bass for the perfect action and feel while giving a full timbre to my sonic landscapes.” — David Leikam, DA5/zBug “diG your music. Eclectic ain’t the word. Film noir multiverse ethnic blade runner desert world. Love it!” — Nivek Ogre, ohGr/Skinny Puppy David Leikam is a San Francisco-based composer-performer and bandleader of the electro-jazz quintet DA5 and industrial jazz unit zBug. Being born with cerebral palsy has affected his body and speech, giving him a distinct [...]

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Products used: Custom Guitar and Bass picks

“Clayton picks are the best and get us through show after show on the road.”

Artifas is a modern rock band from Memphis, TN. It is comprised of Scottie Somerville, Cody Criswell, Ben Walsh, Chris Dildine, and TJ Burgess. Artifas is about the music. The members of this band came from numerous backgrounds from metal to classic rock. They used these influences to create their own sound, and plan to make their mark in the industry. Starting as the band New Skin, they began recording demos in their own studio, based in their [...]

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Cosmin Lupu

Products used:
Branded acetal, tear or normal shaped 1-2 mm picks

“Upon discovering the Steve Clayton picks, the branded acetal, tear or normal shaped 1-2 mm picks became the weapons of choice due to the fact that they are sturdy and great for riffing. The material does not let the pick slip through the fingers during a hot evening onstage when hands are sweaty and chances are you will lose an ordinary pick.”

Guitarist, vocalist, guitar instructor and coach, Cosmin started his music career in 2004 playing with his first band, Evo. In 2009 Evo disbanded and while performing [...]

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Anger Within

Products used: Clayton custom .88 gauge standard Delrin picks.

“I like my custom ANGER WITHIN Clayton Delrin picks, because they’re tough, durable, & they don’t slip out of my fingers, during a performance! My Clayton picks take a good thrashin’, & still hold up…Clayton hella rocks!”


Wulf Morris – Vocals/Guitar Bob Vine – Drums Rich Montelongo – Bass/Backup Vocals Patrick Foote – Lead Guitar

ANGER WITHIN, (based in Atlanta GA, USA) fuses metal, hardcore punk, and militant, death-like vocals to create a brutal, non-compromising form of heavy thrash, guaranteed to excite open-minded audiences everywhere. Ignited both by a [...]

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Deadly Dive

Products used: acetal white standard 1.26, white pearl standard 1.00

“Rock and Roll music need badass picks; Bret Michaels and Tenacious D use Steve Clayton Custom picks, nuff said!!”

Deadly Dive is a four-pieces hard rock band from Lugano, Switzerland. The band started in summer 2009 and after few months Brigu joined Deadly Dive. They recorded a promo cd in September 2010. They played lots of shows in 2010 in Ticino/North Italy area and in may 2010 they played in front of 2000 people in the biggest square of Lugano. Their influences are bands like Airbourne, Britny Fox, Van halen [...]

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Fist to the Sky

Products used: 1mm Custom designed Derlin guitar picks

“Steve Clayton Guitar Picks give Fist to the Sky the tone and longevity they are looking for out of a quality guitar pick!”

Windy City rockers FIST TO THE SKY are a four piece melodic metal band. They pride themselves on their ability to fuse great melodies into their heavy sound. The young quartet formed in the fall of 2008. Lead vocals are fronted by Mickey Murder on bass and Flipp on lead guitar. Rhythm guitarist Hollywood and drummer JD handle the backing vocals. The band was founded by brothers Flipp, Mick [...]

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