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Bill Cooper

Products Used: Clayton White Delrin picks – Standard shape, 0.80 gauge.

“Clayton guitar picks not only look great, they provide unsurpassed quality. The staff at Clayton USA are very knowledgable and always provide fantastic customer service.”

Bill Cooper is a singer from San Antonio Texas with a growing international fan base.

“My first love has always been music. The urge to perform started when I was 4 years old. It was 1973 and my family was gathered around the TV to watch CBS broadcast Elvis Aloha From Hawaii. I was drawn like a magnet. I grabbed my plastic guitar and [...]

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Brian Grilli

Products used: Custom Ultem and Colored Delrin Picks

“Brian Grilli uses Steve Clayton picks because they are the best and most durable picks on the market and the company stands by their products and their consumers!”

For rising star Brian Grilli, recording and producing a album of songs to showcase his songwriting and musicianship, is a dream come true. Brian’s
song “Letters From An Outlaw” is to be featured on Season 7 of “Sons of Anarchy” and is on Brian’s solo debut album, “Damn Good Day”. Brian who was formerly in Regional Act The Trailerhood, is venturing out into [...]

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Cask Thomson

Guitarist Cask Thomson is a maverick in the doom rock world. He defines any easy pigeon-hole. By turns, he picks an electric guitar to accompany his ballad, sings a witty song about modern life, plays an eccentric bluesy guitar solo, belts an angry tune and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a troubled world.

As a producer and enthusiast who has worked with several artists in Australia, he has spent many long hours mastering and mixing records as well as providing the graphics designs and artworks for dozens of international bands.

He’s one of the few [...]

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Products used: Clayton Acetal Rounded Triangle Guitar picks gauge 0.63 & 0.80

“CHEECH has been shredding with Clayton guitar picks for years. Clayton’s Acetal rounded triangle guitar picks fit perfectly in hand for fast licks, chugging rhythms, even heavy bass playing. Claytons stand up to CHEECH’s constant string abuse.” – Joshua Bottomley, guitarist of CHEECH

At the bottom of Boston Harbor amidst the toxic medical refuse and rotting corpses left to decay in the depths, a creature stirs from its slumber. CHEECH, the best-kept secret in Beantown has returned to lay waste to society’s standards.

CHEECH’s debut LP A Day [...]

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Ed Mandevil

Products used: Clayton Acetal rounded triangle picks in .63mm and 1.00mm.

“Clayton was the first picks I have ever picked up, and I haven’t put them down since, they’re just that good!”

Ed Mandevil is the bass and backing vocals of Switchblade Serenade, consisting of Austin Jaser on lead vocals and lead guitar and Luke Barone on drums and backing vocals.Together they have dominated stages such as Vans Warped Tour, Mohegan Sun and many more stages in the north east. Ed’s playing can be heard on Switchblade Serenade’s new album “Alive At Night”.

Video: http://youtu.be/gxRqnFymJyw

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Chris Bandusky

Products used: Clayton USA S126 Standard 1.26mm Acetal/Polymer Guitar Picks

“When playing electric guitar all I use is Clayton 1.26mm gauge picks. These picks just have it, they get the job done and actually add to the tone of my playing. Once you try these picks the search is over! After years of demoing different products these are the quality I have long searched for in a professional guitar pick.”

Chris Bandusky is the lead guitarist for RCA Records recording artist Trik Turner. With much success throughout the United States and Japan, and having a single hit the top 5 [...]

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Brian Rill

Products used: Clayton Custom Orange Delrin 0.60mm.

“Clayton is the only guitar pick I use its the only pick I have ever used.”

A born again agent of a future musical melodic revolution. He’s just a regular guy with a million ideas about how to fulfill a harmonic re-evaluation of modern technology. He makes fire with a knife and plays guitar with his fingers. I could tell you more that’s besides the point He is an artist and an immortal soul who just trying to live a life of greatness everyday,or every other day.

Website: http://www.brianrill.com/

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Allan Castillo

Products used: Clayton guitar picks

“I love the picks clayton for its versatility to play guitar fast, comfort and quality … The Clayton picks are the best!! …”

Born into a musical family in 1990 , Allan Castillo began his interest in music at 8 years old so his uncles also begin to teach guitar at a young age to play guitar , taking it over in full to the age of 12 , is taking classes until age 16 knows the guitar teacher Carlos Guardia ( weevil ) which is responsible for carrying Allan Castillo to a high [...]

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