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Products used: Custom Chugger Guitar Picks by Steve Clayton, Steve Clayton Pro Shine

We are Chugger.
Inspired by the decadence of mankind and its aggressive, violent and brutal nature.
We do not fear what lies beneath. Our music has grown a name of its own – locomotive metal.

The initial seed to Chugger started as a brainchild of Robert Bjärmyr in Gothenburg, Sweden, early 2006. Due to various other projects, this urge to bring out the darkest unfiltered feelings onto the metal scene grew in the dark and was delayed until late 2012 – but what a beast [...]

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Foreigner Unauthorized

Products used: Clayton Acetal with custom printing (Triangle 1.00 mm and 1.25 mm) and Polish.

“Been using Clayton’s picks for over 25 years and I say… “There is only one way to Rock”… And that’s with CLAYTON USA!! And we LOVE the USA part. Made in America baby!! The most reliable company we have had the pleasure of doing business with, courteous, knowledgeable and very supportive of musicians. Don’t matter what level they support all musicians. Outstanding products well made and durable made it through 1000’s of gigs and Clayton’s products have never let me down.”

Michael Nagy (Vocals) Max [...]

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Products used: RC uses Ultem picks 0.94mm and a Pork Knuckle, Brenna uses Eco picks 0.8mm, Special K Acetal picks 0.8mm, and Daddy-O! uses: Pro Lemon, Pro Shine, Pro Buff & String Zip

“Steve Clayton picks are the only picks the members of Daddy-O! will use. They help Daddy-O! deliver the sound we want and consistently give us our tone. They last, too! Steve Clayton cleaners & polishes leave our instruments looking great without leaving behind messy residue and protect our guitars & basses as well.”

Since 1999, Daddy-O! has been re-creating the 1950s style era performing in Southern New [...]

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Devil’s Radio

Products used: Clayton .80mm white delrin custom printed logo picks

“I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years and for 10 of them I’ve been using Clayton pics. You’re not gonna find better quality, or a better group of people to work with!”

Devil’s Radio formed in July of 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland. The four original members, Dayve Bowles, Damian Nopulos, Sonny Godsey, and Kevin Clark, set out on their quest for world domination with their first album “Black Heart Broken”. After the release of “B.H.B” in Feb. 2005 the band went through “musical differences”. Kevin wanted to go in more [...]

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Aidan Brody

Products used: Clayton Custom Picks 1mm White Delrin

“I’ve been using Clayton custom picks for almost as long as I’ve been playing guitar! No other pick I’ve used feels and sounds as good as the 1mm White Delrin. It’s size and shape allow it to be very dynamic and produce an amazing tone! I’ve ordered so many of these picks that they end up everywhere… Everyone who plays one ends up keeping it! My custom Clayton picks are like my signature.”

16 year old Aidan Brody is a guitarist from the Washington, DC area. He has spent the past seven [...]

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Anthony Orio

Products used: Custom Guitar Picks. White Pearl, Black Celluloid, and Pink Derlin.

“Clayton Custom Guitar Picks are durable and great keepsakes for fans!”

Anthony Orio has come a long way since bursting onto the Nashville scene as an up and coming singer/songwriter featured by ASCAP’s “Hot On The Row Series.” His unique blend of country mixes the traditional qualities of the genre with progressive contemporary vocals and production creating a fresh new sound. Known for his electrifying live performances and strong ability to connect with the crowds, his talent has led him to perform at The Grand Ole Opry, [...]

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Daybreak Embrace

Products used: White Delrin Custom Guitar picks

“Clayton custom picks are first class in sound, durability and print quality. That’s why we exclusively use them for recording and live shows.”

Formed in 2009, South Florida based band Daybreak Embrace aims to become more than a genre. Though their foundation is firm on energetic Rock, D/E members take pride in being true admirers of all music. Listening you may find they pull influence from many different directions such as Electronic, Alternative, R&B, Progressive, Metal, and more. In 2010, D/E released their first EP, “Tomorrow Awaits”, under the direction of Producer Paul [...]

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Chuy Michel

Products used: Clayton Custom Delrin guitar picks

“I absolutely love my Steve Clayton Custom Delrin guitar picks! I’ve been using them for years! They feel so comfortable and extremely durable. There the only guitar picks I use on stage and in the studio! “

Jesus “Chuy” Michel is a Los Angeles based guitarist, composer, producer who is currently the lead guitarist for the Latin Alternative group Pastilla (Sony/BMG). He has also worked with some of Latin Americas top artist such as Carlos Baute (Warner), Vampiro (Sony/BMG), and Serralde (Universal). He has done countless national / international tours and played on [...]

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