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Eric Church

Products used: White Delrin .80mm, White Pearl Rounded Triangle

“I like Clayton picks for 2 reasons: 1. from a technical stand point, I like the way they attack the strings. And 2., from a person stand point, Clayton picks are the only picks I have ever played. Even when I first started out just playing bars, I always used a Clayton pick. I’d feel naked without them.”

Eric Church is a growing country artist who signed with Capitol Records in 2006. In 2006 Church released his debut album Sinners Like Me. The album brought him four chart singles on the [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Ray Schuering

Products used: Clayton custom picks

“Steve Clayton picks just rock plain and simple.”

Ray Schuering was born on a mountain, raised in a cave, rock n roll is all he craves. He joined the Manassas VA based band Evick in 2002 touring the east coast for several years. In 2005 Evick became the Bret Michaels Band. Ray’s been laying down the funk with Bret Michaels for 6 years now and loving every second of it.


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Category: Featured, M - R

McKenna Faith

Products used: Clayton picks

“I’ve been using Clayton Picks since I started playing guitar.I love Clayton Picks because they’re of the highest quality and are made right here in the USA which is perfect for this home-grown country girl. Rather playing for tons of fans at sold-out shows or around the bonfire- I would never think of having anything but strong, crack proof Clayton Picks in my hand…”

McKenna Faith is a 16 year old country music singer/songwriter from Ukiah, CA. Singing since she was a little girl, she grew up in the rodeo circuit. From singing the national [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R


Products used: Acetal 1.00mm

“When I first played with a Steve Clayton pick, I knew it was perfect for my style.  These picks are very durable, and present a wonderful, warm tone, without all of the pick noise.  The texture of the pick feels great, and also helps prevent slipping.” – GARRETT McARTHUR

“Whether I’m in the studio recording our next single, or playing live in front of 20,000 fans, I use Clayton picks.  They have the perfect balance of flexibility and durability for my playing style.  With SC picks, my imagination can be my reality.” – DANNY MARECO

Self [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R

Jimi Westbrook

Products used: Frostbyte 1.08mm

“I’ve spent a long time looking for a guitar pick that won’t slip out of my fingers. Clayton’s Frostbyte picks are perfect for me. The raised grip and 1.08mm gauge keeps the pick in my hand and holds up no matter how hard I’m playing.”

Jimi Westbrook is one of the lead singers/guitarists of the country music band Little Big Town. Unlike most vocal bands, all four members of Little Big Town share the lead vocals. Jimi joined the band in 1998, then only Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild. Little Big Town just announced in January [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

Kelly Ogden

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle in 0.80mm

“I’ve tried every brand of pick over the years and the way I beat-up my bass requires a pick that won’t break! Clayton picks never crack or break on me! I always use Clayton picks. It’s one less thing to worry about when I’m busting my butt on stage.”

Kelly founded The Dollyrots a pop punk/rock band in 2000. The band consists of Kelly the lead vocals and bass, Luis Cabezas guitar/vocals and Chris Black on Drums. Kelly and The Dollyrots relocated from Florida to Los Angels in 2000 and quickly achieved success, [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

Ray Johnston

Products used: Delrin and Acetal .63mm

“I love my Clayton picks. Because i have several styles I like to play, I use different gauge picks throughout our concerts. For open strumming, I use the pink Delrin Clayton pick. For songs where I use my percussion style and pluck-rhythm, I use the orange Delrin and Acetal .63mm picks. If i am so caught up in the moment and forget to switch picks between songs, the yellow pick is my choice for multi purpose use. I sweat during our concerts and I like the feel of the Delrin picks. The Delrins allow [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R

James Otto

Products used: Acetal 1.00mm, Rounded Triangle

“I’m A big guy, I MUST have a big Pick! I’m 6 foot 5 Inches tall and built more like a linebacker than a Singer or guitar player. The Clayton Rounded Triangle Pick is the perfect fit for my hands and my style of playing. Whether I am in the studio or on tour, you’ll always find me using Clayton Picks to help make my music.”

James cannot be categorized with a single word. His music has a mix of country and rock and roll that almost anyone can appreciate. Moste everyone has [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

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