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Products used: Acetal, Rounded Triangle 1.00mm

“I need a big pick that won’t slip out of my grubby little fingers, and Clayton provides exactly the size and firm grip that I need. When I found the Clayton pick, I knew it was the one for me.”

Bleu is a pop artist, professional songwriter and producer. He has written songs for artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Boys Like Girls, Kate Veogele, Selena Gomez and more. Bleu has toured widely, sharing stages of late with Rooney, The Posies, Katie Herzig, Graham Colton, Creed Bratton of The Office, John Doe, Mike Viola, [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Kyle Gass

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle .63mm

“They feel good my fingers, they feel swell in my toes. With a bag of Claytons, my confidence grows.”

Kyle Gass (KG) is part of the legendary acoustic duo of Tenacious D, which is comprises of Jack Black and himself. They are most known for their song “Tribute” which achieved top 10 status. KG also co-stars with Jack Black in the movie: “Tenacious D: In the Pick of Destiny”, which has achieved a huge cult following. KG also brings his unique style of music to his other band “Trainwreck”, which recently released their debut [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

Branden Campbell of Neon Trees

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle 0.80mm.

“I feel bass players often overlook the importance of picks when they search for tone. I attribute my tone to the Clayton picks I use, for the material and the size. More mass equals more contact. I’m getting that pick precision and growl that define my sound, plus a deeper tone that fills the bottom more than other picks.”

Branden Campbell is a name that is becoming synonymous with bass, amongst his peers and fans of his multi-platinum selling group Neon Trees. Branden first studied guitar, starting at age 11. Then switched to bass [...]

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Category: Featured

BooBoo Stewart

Products used: Green Delrin Standard

“Clayton guitar picks just plain ROCK!! They make great souveniers for my fans. They’ve made bracelets, necklaces, and rings out of them, super cool and creative!”

BooBoo Stewart is an avid guitar player and drummer currently in the Twilight Sagas playing the role of Seth Clearwater. At the age of 12 he was signed to Walt Disney Records with the T Squad, he toured with the Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, and recently Demi Lovato. He is now touring with sister Fivel. In 2002 and 2003 he was the Martial Arts World Champion and was inducted [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Mike Bray

Products used: Acetal .80, Standard, Clayton Custom picks

“There is absolutely no match for the comfort, tone and durability of Clayton picks.The guys from Tenacious D turned me onto them, and I have used nothing else since! My “go to” guitar pick is the standard Acetal .80, they are reliable, comfortable and really hard to wear down. We are proud to have Steve Clayton as the official guitar pick of the “Kyle Gass Band”. Long Live Clayton!”

Singer/Guitarist/Multi-instrumentalist Mike Bray was hand-selected by KG to front The Kyle Gass Band. Mike came to Los Angeles from Mahomet, Illinois in 2007 [...]

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Category: Featured, M - R

Bo Garrett

Products used: White Pearl Celluloid picks in 0.80mm gauge

“I love the attention to detail and feel of my Clayton Custom Picks. And they’re a big hit with Montgomery Gentry fans.” – Bo Garrett

Bo Garrett has been playing lead guitar for Montgomery Gentry since the duo’s inception in 1999. They have made appearances on The Tonight Show, CMA Awards, ACM Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, The Late Show, multiple Fox News Channel appearances, Good Morning America, and many more… MG has had four platinum albums and several number one songs. Along with the brand new album ‘Rebels On The Run’, featuring [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Einar Pedersen of Kelly Clarkson

Products used: Clayton custom picks

“I’ve been using Clayton picks for years. I’ve always liked the feel, and they don’t get shredded by big bass strings. Throw in the custom editor, and it’s a no-brainer. Definitely the best full color printing I’ve seen, and they made the editor really easy to use.”

A New Orleans native and naturalized Texan, Einar spent years in the Texas scene with bands like 90’s Houston prog-rock trio The Awful Truth; singer / songwriters like Kacy Crowley and Jeff Klein; and Austin’s psychedelic power pop group Goudie. Relocating to Los Angeles, Einar spent time [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured

Josh Burke

Products used: Clayton picks

“Clayton pics are exactly what I look for in my playing style. They are comfortable for speed and chunky for rhythm. Its a perfect blend!” – Josh Burke

At the age of 16, Josh introduced himself to Ronnie Winter of RJA when they toured through Syracuse, NY. A trip to a local music store presented the perfect opportunity to showcase Josh’s skills in the presence of Winter and jumpstarted Josh’s music career. Winter took an interest in the young guitarist and agreed to put Josh in a studio and become his producer.

Fast forward several months to [...]

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Category: Featured, G - L

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