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Ian Litovich

Products Used: Clayton Custom Delrin picks.

”I love Clayton picks because they adapt well to any style of music and being a session player I look for versatile tools that help me play through any musical situation. It all starts from these picks!”

Ian Michael Litovich (Born on December 11th 1990). From San Juan Puerto, Rico. Having been influenced by his father to consider playing an instrument, Ian began to explore his interest at a very young age. Enrique Litovich, also an accomplished musician, had raised Ian an environment filled with guitars, recording equipment, and passion for music. But it [...]

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Leanne Bowes

Products Used: Clayton Acetal Rounded Triangle 1.00mm picks

“I used to only play bass with my fingers– until my guitar tech handed me the Clayton acetal 1.00mm rounded triangle pick! This pick gives me that 90’s gritty, grungy punk tone I’ve always been looking for.”

Leanne Bowes is an NYC-based bassist with both international touring and session experience. She takes pride in her unwavering sense of rhythm, which she considers an essential part of any great band. Leanne believes that the drums are the heart of the band, but the bass is the pulse. In 2013 she started playing bass for Hunter Valentine and has been [...]

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Leni DiMancari

Products Used: Clayton Custom Acetal Guitar Picks

“There is no better guitar pick on the planet than an Acetal .80mm Clayton for durability and dependability. They are comfortable in your hand, don’t slip, or take a beating during a show. I tried other picks over the years, and the best is Clayton. I proudly endorse the product as the BEST pick on the market and I recommend them to everyone.” – Leni DiMancari

Leni DiMancari is a Guitarist, Producer and Musician from Minnesota, who laid down his early musical roots performing in clubs throughout the Midwest. His musical influence vary [...]

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Lucas Hoge

Products used: Clayton custom printed white acetal .63 picks

“I’ve been using Clayton Guitar pics for over 12 years and I always get the same great quality every time! I love being able to have my logo on all my pics.  I take these pics all over the world, and no matter where I am, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nebraska or Alaska, I’ve always got my Clayton pics to play with.”

Lucas Hoge born and raised in Hubbell, NE in a town of 44 people.  This country singer moved to Nashville and his plate has been full since the day he [...]

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Lou Tambone

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Delrin Standard 0.80mm picks.

“The picks are tough enough on their own but the fact that I can customize them is icing on the musical cake.”

Lou Tambone is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Northern New Jersey. He plays with a plethora of local original and cover acts and also maintains a solo act where he writes the songs, sings, and plays guitar.

On Clayton: “While looking for some cool rewards for my latest Kickstarter campaign, I came across Steve Clayton’s customizable picks. They are tough, affordable, and feel great! I customized a bunch and [...]

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Category: G - L

James 3

Products Used: Clayton Medium Gauged picks, Socket Slides and Soft Leather Straps.

“If you want the best dependable, high quality gear on the market you HAVE to go with Steve Clayton USA”

James Tamelcoff III, born October 19th, 1998, has been around music his entire life. His Father James Jr. Played guitar and sang. James 3 has always been a huge fan of the older music of the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s,and the 1980’s. James 3’s dad Introduced him to Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats at age 7 and that’s where it all started. He looked at Mr. Setzer’s Big [...]

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Category: G - L

Giffords Lane

Products used: Clayton Custom Acetal teardrop 1.00mm.

“My dad turned me on to Steve Clayton Acetal Tear Drop pics when I was 5 years old! I have not used any other pic in the 9 years I’ve been playing guitar! You know how many times my mom pulls out my Steve Clayton pic’s from the dryer? I got to stop leaving them in my pockets.” – Salvatore Grande

With an industry immersed in power pop, slick production, and samples, samples, samples….it is great to see a pure rock and roll band perform live and light up an audience. It’s even [...]

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Category: G - L

Gregor Friday

Products used: Custom Glow in the dark, Acetal, White Delrin, Black Raven

“I love having Steve Clayton picks, they are consistent, sound and play great, but between the fans and my rat-bag musician friends, I’m always running out…”

Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Gregor Friday is the guitarist for Berlin based Dark Rock sensation “Vlad in Tears”. Being introduced to music by his father, Gregor has done everything form teaching, to sessions, to releasing self produced solo EPs. Mr Friday is currently on tour in Europe with Vlad in Tears in support of their self titled 4th studio album.


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Category: G - L

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