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Lord Volture

Products used: Lord Volture custom guitar picks, Paul Marcelis custom guitar picks, Leon Hermans custom guitar picks, Clayton Inner-Lock Guitar Straps

“Our custom Lord Volture picks are definitely the ultimate guitar-picks for us! Great attack for all those staccato riffs, crisp and clear for full distorted chords and lots of grip!”

“Clayton’s Inner-Lock straps are perfect for giving you the sense of security ordinary strap-locks give you, without the need to alter your guitar. Either as your main strap or as an always ready back-up, Clayton Inner-Lock straps provide the security for your guitar that you need on stage!” – [...]

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Category: G - L

Joel Del Rosario

Products used: Steve Clayton Picks

“I love using my Clayton Picks because they are comfortable and give me the perfect attack/control needed for recording and live performance”

“Joel Del Rosario brings the fresh, unique, stylistic, funky, exciting, spiritual music that this genre needs. He is such a humble cat. Look forward to him becoming a legendary musician. He is AWESOME the new generation of contemporary jazz is emerging!”– Tony Exum Jr.

With a music career spanning over two decades, guitarist and songwriter, Joel Del Rosario has just about touched every genre of music from: Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, and [...]

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Category: G - L

Gino Meregillano

Products used: Clayton custom picks, Clayton Pro Shine polish, brass slides

“Clayton USA makes great quality accessories while keeping that “family operated” vibe that most other companies have lost.”

Gino Meregillano is the U.S. guitarist for the Guana Batz. Now based in the United States, the Guana Batz were one of the founding fathers of English Psychobilly in the mid eighties. Gino is also a featured member of Hancox, a solo album and band from Guana Batz lead singer, Pip Hancox. When Gino’s not on the road with the Batz, he can be found playing with Country singer Moot Daivs, [...]

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Category: G - L

Go Radio

Products used:
Jason (Guitar/ Lead Vocals), uses Acetal Pick / Standard / .80
Alex (Guitar/ Backing Vocals), uses Acetal Pick / Standard / .63
Matt (Bass), usesAcetal Pick / Rounded Triangle / .80

“I play Clayton picks because its important to me to have the best sound and quality whether I’m on the stage or in the studio Clayton never lets me down” – Alex

“I love these pics. They never break on me and they’re fun to throw!” – Jason

“I’ve always used Clayton. I’ve tried everything else and other picks just don’t stack up. Even [...]

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Category: G - L

Haunting Eden

Products used: Clayton Custom picks, 1mm Delrin

“We use Clayton USA custom picks because they are almost indestructible. They seem to wear down very slowly compared to other picks. And the printing and price are as good as you could ever want.”

Haunting Eden is a band that balances darkness and beauty with devastating power. The songs combine heavy guitars, passionate and emotional vocals, a hard driving rhythm section, melodic accessibility, and lyrics based in real world subjects. When you hear Haunting Eden’s debut single “Like Water” suddenly the meaning behind the name of the band will click. The new [...]

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Category: G - L

Kupid’s Kurse

Products used: Custom Colored Delrin Picks, 1.0, Custom Colored Delrin Picks, 1.14

“With Steve Clayton we finally discovered the ultimate custom picks.”

KUPID’S KURSE became a reality in the summer of 2007, when the band’s formation was finally completed. In 2008 they took the stage for the first time receiving good feedback.

In terms of sound, Kupid’s Kurse created its mix by blending elements from death, black, thrash metal and hardcore. Orchestral and electronic synths are also added to the mix allowing the band to express the power of its compositions. KK’s lyrics are mostly written as sci-fi/horror short stories, [...]

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Category: G - L

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