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Products used: Clayton Custom Picks

“Clayton picks rocks! It’s important to feel comfortable with my picks, they’re part of my sound!” – Marko
“Love it! The shape, the feel, the sound‚ simply great!” – Aleks

Pavic are a Rock band from Rome, Italy. The band’s influences range from Classic Rock to Alternative Metal.
Their latest critically acclaimed release Is War The Answer was mixed by producer Rick Beato known for his work with Shinedown, Fozzy among others.
Recently the band opened at the Rock In Idro 2014 festival in Bologna, Italy. Pavic shared the stage with Iron [...]

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Mike Goncalves

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Delrin 1.00mm   “If you think it doesn’t matter what kind of pick you use, then you clearly haven’t played with Clayton picks”   Born and raised in New Jersey. Now lives in music city, Nashville TN. Traveled the globe touring with his band HIP KITTY. Huge supporter of our military, with 4 world tours entertaining our troops. In 2012 spent Christmas and New Years touring Afghanistan with Armed Forces Entertainment. Most recently with FUEL on their North American tour in support of the latest release ‘Nothing Left To Burn’.   Links: Website: http://hipkitty.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mike-Goncalves/161590647222323 Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikegoncalves09 Instagram: http://instagram.com/mike_hipkitty/  iTunes:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hip-kitty/id266015802

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Jeff Przech

Products used: Clayton Standard Duraplex Picks .88mm

“The first thing that caught my eye about Clayton picks was strictly aesthetic – I thought they just looked cooler than the other picks out there! Once I bought a couple of packs and started using them I noticed the difference immediately. They feel stronger in my fingers, last longer, and, most importantly, they just sound better than the picks I was using. Some might find it hard to believe that something as simple as a guitar pick can have an effect on your sound, but it most definitely can and does. I’m a Clayton [...]

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Rob Jones

Products Used: Clayton Standard Shape, 0.60mm Duraplex Picks and Clayton Inner Lock Straps.

“In order to make it through long sets of singing and playing, having a good pick makes all the difference. Picks that notch and sound dull will kill your show faster than almost anything. That’s why I stick with Steve Clayton so I can focus on doing what I love.”

Rob Jones is the vocalist, guitarist, and co-founder of the American Indie Rock band Beyond Beyond. Known for catchy rhythms on the guitar and dynamic vocal melodies, Rob has always been in love with music, from growing [...]

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Ryland Parrish

Products Used: Clayton Inner Lock Straps and Clayton Custom Standard Shape, 0.56mm Ultem picks.

“When you’re in an indie band, a lot of the times you’re “riding by the seat of your pants” and depending on your gear to help you make the money you need to get to the next venue or back home. Steve Clayton’s products offer the dependability we need for the peace of mind we desire.

My Steve Clayton locking strap is essential to helping me keep my bass on while I lay that bottom-end groove. When we’re recording and I need to play some lead [...]

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Patricio Stiglich

Products Used: Acetal Guitar picks, HexPicks and Socket Slides.

“After many years of playing I finally found the perfect pick. The acetal is an amazing material, it’s durable, non slip and has the right shape for all speeds of picking, the tone is great, it lasts long enough and it’s practically indestructible!! The triangular shape is perfect for guitar and bass. Now I can’t go back to my previous choice, totally recommended!!”

Patricio was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and his interest in guitar began at age 12; and although his current music influences are marked by the sounds of Megadeth, [...]

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Rob Hendrikse of Lucky Faces

Products used: Clayton Custom White Pearl 0.80 mm Standard Shape, White Delrin 0.80mm and Acetal 0.80mm Standard Shape.

“By Far the best guitar pick I’ve ever used”

Lucky Faces is started in July 2011 as an acoustic counterpart of the bands Defense and Rough ‘n Ready, where both Rob & Angel also play in.

From that moment on, everything went very quickly resulting in more than 150 shows till present day..and still counting.
A variety of venues, festivals, car/biker meetings and Tattoo Conventions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany where already a successful stage for Lucky Faces.

Some 2014 [...]

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Category: M - R

Robby Luckets

Products Used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin 1.14 Standard Shape and Clayton Custom Ultem 1.2 Standard Shape

“A guitar pick is like a way of life. And I choose Steve Clayton.”

Sandness is the result of a project started in 2008, when two sixteen years old friends Mark Denkley and Metyou ToMeatyou (bass and drums respectively) decided to form a hard rock band, trying to bring back to life the ‘80s with their original tracks. The band’s line-up went through some changes during the years. The only one who seemed to have the same ambitions of the other two members was [...]

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