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Tyler Gilbert

Products Used: Clayton Acetal Standard 0.80mm Picks and Clayton Custom Tyler Gilbert Glow in the Dark Standard 1.0mm Picks.

“I have been using Clayton picks for a long time now, I wont use any other. The strength, size and feel of Clayton picks are perfect.” – Tyler Gilbert

Tyler Gilbert has released 3 distributed albums on Farmageddon Sound since 2008. With his latest release “OK Murphy” he was a nominated finalist for the Regina Mayor Arts and Business “Emerging Artist” award. Gilbert tours across Canada and the U.S. playing shows and festivals which have included: Canadian Country Music Week, Canadian [...]

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The Marquee

Products used: Duraplex .73mm picks, Tenacious D, HES, and NSXH’s.

“I’ve used all different brands of picks over the years and Steve Clayton’s have to be my top choice. Whether we’re on tour, recording, or just jamming in the studio, I always have a pack of Duraplex picks in my guitar bag.” – Maurice Alban

“The Tenacious D pick from Steve Clayton has to be the coolest pick out there, I mean its the pick of destiny!” – Carlos Jaramillo

The Marquee came to life in 2011, when long time friends Maurice Alban and Carlos Jaramillo recorded an EP in [...]

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This Day Burns

Products used: Acetal small tear drop 0.80mm picks for both bass and guitar.

“A quality pick that wears down before it breaks, made to order.”

This Day Burns is a band with a unique approach to song writing and performance. They have found a way to unconventionally express music from many perspectives. Each member switches and plays an array of instruments through out the writing and performing process, giving them the ability to collaborate music on a different level. Their sound can only be described as diverse, unpredictable and energetic.

Website: www.thisdayburns.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thisdayburns
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thisdayburns


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Trevor Finlay

Products used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin 1.00mm standard shape.

“There’s something about having a guitar pick with your name on it that makes you feel like more of a ROCKSTAR!”

In June of 2007, Canadian-born TREVOR FINLAY visited Nashville for the first time for a little mini-vacation but something strange happened… When he got off the plane he was overwhelmed with the feeling that he was ‘home’ and a few short months and a mound of paperwork later, he moved there to stay.

TREVOR’s previous career included releasing 4 studio albums and touring incessantly all over the world (from Canada [...]

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SIlence The Saboteur

Products Used: Clayton Custom Delrin picks – Standard shape, 1.14mm gauge.

“Everything I could want in a pick!”

We are Silence The Saboteur, an uprising band from Canterbury, Connecticut that fuses elements from genres such as metal, punk, pop, and even prog, into one unique sound. The band consists of:

Jeffrey Young – Lead Vocals Thomas Linevitch – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Devon Odgers – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals Joshua Young – Bass Guitar Austin Perkins – Percussion/Backing Vocals

Website: http://www.silencethesaboteur.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SilenceTheSaboteur
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CMOFMusic
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/silencethesaboteur
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/STSFamily
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/silencethesaboteur
Deco-Apparel: http://stsfamily.deco-apparel.com/

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Products Used: We all use Clayton Custom Green Delrin picks (0.88mm gauge), Triangle for bass and standard shape for the guitarists.

“You feel the strings, the sound is pure. They’re light and dynamic but especially Green!” – Jeff Cold

“Really precise, a great attack, everything I was expecting for!” – Max Shortlegs

“Just pick up my pick, feel the energy, I would sing with it if I could!” – Matt Grand

The Toshes are not an indie rock band, they don’t play old school music, and they don’t play electronic music.They are a new psychedelic rock band from the 21st [...]

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Tom Dixon

Products used: Clayton Custom Acetal 0.8mm

“I’ve used many picks in the past and none look as good, have felt as comfortable and give me as warm of a tone as the Clayton Custom Acetal 0.8mm. Then you take into consideration that you can customize the picks…winning!”

With a unique combination of smooth country vocals and an explosive live performance, Nashville Recording Artist Tom Dixon has given birth to a new way of delivering that sweet country sound, with a heart-pumping, foot-stomping beat that has been bringing audiences to their feet for years. From the moment he learned how to [...]

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Tim “Too Slim” Langford

Products used: Black Celluloid, Standard, 0.80mm gauge with Too Slim and the Taildraggers Logo, Inner-Lock Straps

“I use Clayton Picks because I love the feel and I can customize with the bands logo. I also like the Inner-Lock straps because I don’t have to alter the strap holders on my guitar!”

If Tim “Too Slim” Langford only played slide he would slither around most other blues guitarists and put a ferocious bite on their pride. However, as the sole six-string slinger, main songster and lead singer of the power trio he founded in 1986 in Seattle, Washington, he is a [...]

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