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Seismic Leveler

Products used:
Frost Byte Pics, Pro Lemon polish, soft leather straps

“Ever since the first time I found a Steve Clayton Frost-Byte pick on the stage of some run down bar in the middle of nowhere… I literally have not been able to put them down. No matter how hard I slam on my strings or jump around on stage, I may fall down, but its with pick in hand. I love Steve Clayton products”

Seismic Leveler Is a band created by Tommy Dubs off of the strength and popularity of his debut album, “En Los Campos”. Since 2009, [...]

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Category: S - W

Top Dead Center

Products used:
ChRxis uses a custom 1mm acetal rounded triangle, plus a custom 0.5mm colored delrin roundede triangle.
Johnny Rodd uses 0.88 duraplex standard, plus a custom 0.8 white delrin standard.

“Nothing rocks harder than Top Dead Center, except ClaytonUSA custom picks! We love the personal, professional attention we receive from everyone there, and we wouldn’t dream of using anything else!”

Top Dead Center is truly a band to be reckoned with. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Top Dead Center has a contagious and intoxicating sound as brutal as the South Texas sun on the 4th of July. [...]

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Category: S - W

Tubie and the Touchtones

Products used:
Endorsed artist and bass player Les Morey exclusively uses Steve Clayton standard and custom picks.

“For at least two decades, I’ve been using Steve Clayton .80mm acetyl rounded triangle picks…for many of those years with the classic eagle logo, but more recently with custom Tubie and the Touchtones logos, which are a great hit when tossed to the crowd. If you folks ever stop making that pick, I would probably have to quit playing bass. I’ve been playing with those picks for so long it’s as if they are part of my hand–I can’t imagine using anything [...]

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Category: S - W

The Last Ride

Products used:
.80mm Black Ravens

“Steve Clayton is creating great guitar picks!!! These things are cool to throw out to the fans very comfortable to play with in or out of the studio! Pick slides sound pretty nasty too!!! \m/ !!! “

Early in 2009 two people from the twin cities crossed paths in a guitar store. After a short conversation something incredible formed. Tony Winkler, a local businessman who grew up in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and Aaron Chesling, professional guitarist who group up next door in Muscatine Iowa, started their first venture together in writing and performing country [...]

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Category: S - W

The Fabulous Po’ Boys

Products used: Custom picks: Warren uses a 0.6 Delrin custom pick, Ed uses a .038 Acetal pick. We also use black soft leather straps and black inner-lock straps.

“We started using Steve Clayton custom picks because of the quality of the products and the variety of materials we could choose from. We continue to use the picks because of the beautiful tone they produce (and the variety of tones because of the characteristics of each material) and the durability. Ed is notoriously hard on picks and Steve Clayton picks never break on him. The soft leather straps are so comfortable [...]

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Category: S - W

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