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Acetal Overbleeds

Recently at Steve Clayton, Inc., we have received really nice designs for our acetal picks. We had a recent blog review of our acetal picks, and the picks shown here are examples of how your favorite pick can work really well with your favorite design! Overbleed, or full bleed picks are simply picks that do not have a border around the edge of the design. Our acetal picks are known for working well with photo designs, because they are grainy and semi-transparent, so they can support designs with lots of color and detail. This means that they can also be a great choice of material for intricate artwork, such as the designs shown in the photo. Even though these designs have a high amount of contrast between dark and light shades, everything is balanced and the art stretches evenly all the way to the edge of the picks. Thanks Clayton customers, for giving us such awesome designs to work with! Try out your art or photo on our picks at www.claytoncustom.com.

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