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Pick of the Week — Bodega Bob

This week’s Pick of the Week was created by guitarist Bodega Bob. The picks are acetal material, with a really cool, colorful graphic that makes them stand out amongst the picks we have made recently. Here is a little info about Bodega Bob, in an exerpt taken from his bio at http://www.cheapandeasymusic.com/bodega.htm: “Bodega Bob has been slingin’ a six string since the age of fifteen. Raised in the border territories between West Virginia and western Pennsylvania he cut his teeth on Hank, Johnny, Lester & Earl. In a bizarre and humorous twist of fate, Bodega BobBodega was introduced to Polka recording stars Wanda & Stephanie and Frankie Yankovich and blew trumpet on the Polka circuit for several years with the Moleks in such bands as the Silver Stars and the Polka Dynamics. During his Vietnam & Cold War era Navy career, Bodega played guitar in liberty barrooms across two oceans and five of the seven seas. His experience as an acoustic street musician in Spain & Africa provided him with a rich and earthy outdoor sound that removes any barriers between the audience and the musicians. Over his musical journey, Bodega has performed with such diverse personalities as Christian Music vocalist & recording artist Jamie Lambert, Irish balladeer Eddie Delaher, Memphis recording artist Wendell Craig, and most recently as the front man for the successful regional trio Trigger Happy.Bodega’s original songs range from the funny to the gritty…and his affinity for the box guitar and his barroom-bass vocals form the crux of Cheap & Easy’s earthy sound.” Find out more at http://www.cheapandeasymusic.com/. Design your own custom guitar picks at www.claytoncustom.com today!

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