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Religious Picks

Here at Clayton, we like to notice when we see designs that are linked together through a similar idea, so that we know what uses customers may have for custom picks besides for playing guitar. The picks shown here are some designs that we’ve produced recently that all have a commonality; they are all religious picks. We think that custom guitar picks are a great idea for churches to use as a giveaway item. Designs like these are also great for Christian rock bands to throw to their fans at concerts. Right now, Christian picks are the most popular that we have noticed for religious-themed picks, but we are hoping that we will get more designs from customers that represent other religions as well. We have seen a great variety in the Christian custom designs that will include crosses, Bible verses, and other religious graphics. The picks shown here are a variety of materials that we offer for custom design, including colored delrin in yellow (.73 gauge), acetal, and white pearl. So if you are looking for a special guitar pick that has significant meaning to you, design your custom pick today at www.claytoncustom.com.

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