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Products used: Black celluloid picks – Standard shape, 0.80mm gauge

“We use Black celluloid picks – Standard shape, 0.80mm gauge. We use these picks because they are strong and soft at the same time. For the punch they have on my strings and grip they have on my fingers. They are made of high quality and are very hard, made for hard rock! Thanks specially to Amber and all the team at Clayton!”

The name of the band has its root in the history of the South-West region of Spain. A place full of legends and myths such as the TARTESSIANS, PHOENICIANS and the ATLANTIS. The locality Gaelbah is not consider to be scientifically accepted but it was commonly used centuries ago.

Gaelbah started as a rock band in 2003. For 5 years it was a promising Spanish band. The first line-up was Orlando and José María Bando joining Manuel Carlos Correa, Diego Fernández and Fran Ántunez, and the singer Alejandro Dario Hernán.

After several changes, in 2012 the new Gaelbah was born. They started playing live in September and they won two rock contests in Andalusia and we join the “Hard Rock South Tour” for three months across the Spanish geography.

Closing this year Gaelbah plays in the “Camorock Festival” and in “The Day of the Music” with the band Stingers (Scorpions cover)
At this moment Gaelbah is in studio for the next album.

Line up:

  • José María Bando: rythm guitar and chorus
  • Alejandro Darío Hernán: voice
  • Antonio Moreno: drums
  • Josemi Cassani: lead guitar
  • Diego J. Vazquez: bass guitar and chorus

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Gaelbah
Official Videoclip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my_qlMHlJsQ

Category: G - L

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