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James 3

Products Used: Clayton Medium Gauged picks, Socket Slides and Soft Leather Straps.

“If you want the best dependable, high quality gear on the market you HAVE to go with Steve Clayton USA”

James Tamelcoff III, born October 19th, 1998, has been around music his entire life. His Father James Jr. Played guitar and sang. James 3 has always been a huge fan of the older music of the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s,and the 1980’s. James 3’s dad Introduced him to Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats at age 7 and that’s where it all started. He looked at Mr. Setzer’s Big orange guitar and said that’s the guitar I want. James started taking lessons at age 8 and continued those lessons for 2 years. He has fronted his own bands since the age of ten and has played on some of the biggest stages in Virginia and has opened for Billboard recording artists. James currently plays in 6 different groups, all different genres of music. James 3 has been using Steve Clayton guitar picks, and slides and straps since he picked up the guitar. We asked James what he thought of Steve Clayton Gear and he said “If you want the best dependable, high quality gear on the market you HAVE to go with Steve Clayton USA”. His guitars consist of 2 Gretsch Electromatic Hollow body’s, a Jumbo Rancher Grestch Acoustic, and a American Made Fender Telecaster. James also plays the drums,bass,and piano as well. He will very soon be touring the U.S. In all states in the future. So be on the look out for 15 Year old James Tamelcoff III in your area.

Website: http://www.jamestamelcoff13.wix.com/james3music

Category: G - L

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