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Saif Q

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Delrin 0.80mm & Acetal 0.63mm.

“The tone really does start from your hands and your pick! Clayton picks have been my choice for the last 10 years, due to the solid make and consistent texture. Fantastic overtones produced by the Acetal and the Delrin is fantastic for solo playing. I will never look at another pick, ever! These are the best there is right now.”

Trained in Indian classical music and the tabla since 8 years old, Saif has been with music ever since. Music has been the mainstay of Saif’s upbringing, as vinyls were constantly played in the house, ranging from Indian classical to Sinatra and Jethro Tull. Funk music is in his roots, as everything that he plays or arranges is deemed ‘funky’.

Saif is classified as a bona fide self taught multi instrumentalist who was the main driving force of the hit funk/pop band GrooveTrap (in Bangladesh) and Safari Motel in Melbourne Australia. With his unique playing style and arrangements GrooveTrap shot right through to the top of the creme de la creme of the music fraternity and is still respected for the first self titled album which infused brand new music flavour into the industry. With Safari Motel Saif is infusing his funk roots into a soul-blues based sound of the band. The band is one of the most busiest and sought after blues/funk band in the Melbourne circuit.

Saif is lovingly called ‘Q’, and is a self taught sound engineer as well, he has collaborated with almost all the successful bands in the Bangladesh and Australian music scene.

While he went for studies in England, Saif also gave extensive music on two ‘indie’ films by the talented now deceased Joseph Tan. The films were called “Gangsters In Love” (2006) and “Time To Kill” (2007). The Filmmakers site still hosts some tunes.

Website: http://www.safarimotel.com.au/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/safarimotelband

Category: S - W

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