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Socket Slides

Socket Guitar SlidesChrome Socket Slides

The Clayton Socket Slide has turned what musicians have known for decades into a reality. Sockets have been known to make great guitar slides due to their 12 star interior gripping. We have enhanced the traditional socket by extending the length and opening up the other end. This slide locks onto your finger, giving you more control and comfort during play. Made of heavy chrome..

Socket Slide Ring sizes are:
Small- Ring Size 7
Medium- Ring Size 9 1/4
Heavy- Ring Size 12 3/4


Brass Socket Slides

Musicians have long been known to use actual tool sockets for playing because the 12 star interior grip keeps the slide locked on your finger. Tool sockets have a drawback though, they are too heavy on one end. Clayton corrected this feature by equalizing the weight on each end, which allows for consistent balance, weight, and tone. To enhance the slide even more, Clayton has made it in brass for enhanced quality and sustainability of tone. A cut-out relief has also been added for additional comfort during play. Truly a superb piece of craftsmanship.

Brass Socket Slide Ring sizes are:
Small- Ring Size 6 3/4
Medium- Ring Size 10 1/4
Large - Ring Size 12 3/4

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