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Soft Leather Straps

Sure to lighten the load on your shoulder, these high quality straps are made of thick, heavy genuine leather. No expense has been spared here! Straps are adjustable with thongs on the end for headstock fastening.

Available in 2 colors - Black and Dark Brown

Available in 2 sizes - 2.5" and 3.5" width

Steve Clayton Accessories

Lever-Lock Capo

Looking for the perfect capo? We have just what you need. This traditional lever capo design is fully adjustable without any chance of slippage. When open it will not fall off your guitar and can be moved up the neck and repositioned quickly. It is made of a reinforced glass fibre material that can work with both curved and flat necks. With its plastic composition it has less chance of scratching and scuffing your guitars.

Steve Clayton Accessories

Pro Buff/String Zip

Pro Buff: 14" x 18" Large Polish Cloth, sewn on all four sides, 100% cotton and machine washable.

String Zip: This greaseless cloth acts like a magnet to dust and lint that builds up between your string bindings.

Steve Clayton Accessories

Pork Knuckle Slide

The Pork Knuckle ceramic guitar slide is unmatched in sustain and volume. This ultra smooth slide produces playing quality found nowhere else. Unlike other porcelain/ceramic slides, there are no uneven surfaces effecting tone. Inside is a unique inner ribbing that allows air to circulate, providing a comfortable fit with added grip. With this design you will no longer experience your fingers getting too hot, sweaty or slippery. Prepare to be amazed during your next solo performance.

Pork Knuckle Slide Ring sizes are:
Small - Ring size 4 and 5/8
Medium - Ring size 11
Large - Ring size 12 and 3/4

Steve Clayton Accessories

Wall Slides

Clayton Glass slides are available in 3 sizes. Each comes with a protective case to protect your slide from breakage. Each slide comes with a "Bottleneck Slide Technique" instruction sheet, so that you can get the most out of your slide.

Standard Wall Glass Slide Ring sizes are:
SW10 Heavy - Ring Size 12
SW11 Medium - Ring Size 9 1/4
SW12 Small - Ring Size 8

Heavy Wall Glass Slide Ring sizes are:
Small - Ring Size 6 1/4
Medium - Ring Size 10
Heavy - Ring Size 13

Steve Clayton Accessories

American Hotties Slides

Expanding from our American Hottie Picks, we now offer the vintage style designs of Garry Palm on a quality crafted Porcelain slide. Porcelain exhibits a high resonance and is considerably stronger and harder than ceramic slides. In addition it gives you a high biting attack that is sure to impress. The American Hottie Slides come in three sizes with an ultra-absorbent interior to absorb finger moisture.

American Hottie Slide Ring sizes are:
Small - Ring Size 6 1/4
Medium - Ring Size 10 1/2
Large - Ring Size 13