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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

Unfortunately, we do not offer tours of our warehouse to the general public.

If you have an idea for a new product, you can mail a proposal to:

Steve Clayton
201 Rogue River Pkwy
Talent, OR 97540

Products FAQ

Yes, however, the only stock picks available for samples are:

Acetal, Ultem, Duraplex, and Black Raven

To order a sample set of picks, call us at 1-877-752-9484. Sample packs cost $5 (includes shipping and handling).

American Hottie Slide Ring sizes are:
Small - Ring Size 6 1/4
Medium - Ring Size 10 1/2
Large - Ring Size 13

Heavy Wall Glass Slide Ring sizes are:
Small- Ring Size 6 1/4
Medium- Ring Size 10
Heavy- Ring Size 13

Standard Wall Glass Slide Ring sizes are:
SW10 Heavy - Ring Size 12
SW11 Medium- Ring Size 9 1/4
SW12 Small- Ring Size 8

Pork Knuckle Slide Ring sizes are:
Small - Ring size 4 and 5/8
Medium - Ring size 11
Large - Ring size 12 and 3/4

Yes, the are both the same material.

Yes, we do ship our products worldwide.

Yes, click here to visit our online store. You can also use the "Buy Now" buttons from our product pages.

Delrin and Acetal are essentially the same material. However, there are two separate patents/blends for this plastic. The harder blend and the pigment of our Delrin picks will create a brighter tone, whereas Acetal produces a softer, warm tone.

No, these are randomly packaged and we do not have a specific selection of picks that are put into each box.

Yes, we carry thumb picks. Please see our shopping link for details.

The gauges of the Nutone picks do vary, and we cannot guarantee a specific gauge.

Medium: 0.92mm – 1.10mm
Heavy: 1.11mm – 1.30mm
Extra Heavy: 1.31mm – 1.65mm

Purchasing FAQ

We offer our stock products through our company directly. Please click here or on the Shopping Link on our website to select your item(s) and place your order.

Please email us at and we would be happy to discuss our dealer opportunities with you!