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ZZ-Zinc picks are crafted out of genuine Zinc alloy metal. Their heavy mass and metal composition will produce tones that are clear and high, as well as a punchy bass with unprecedented volume. They play well for both electric, acoustic, and bass guitar applications. Their matte finish and reversed embedded epoxy logo helps to generate a solid grip between the pick and your fingers. The ZZ-Zinc pick is designed to last and give you years of trouble-free playing.

Available in 1 shape – Standard

Available in 2 gauges – 1.00mm and 2.00mm.

Packaging options – 1 pick per pack


NuTone was created to mimic the extraordinary sound of authentic tortoiseshell. Its unique composition produces a punchy bass with clear treble tones, making it a perfect pick for acoustic play. Its natural lubrication releases off your strings quickly and gives you the ability to produce articulate tones. Made from polymerizing an animal protein, it is much the same as the famed, but endangered, Hawksbill Sea Turtle’s shell. NuTone Protein Picks replicate the sound and feel of the Hawksbill’s shell with its natural protein components, but no animals are harmed in any way by its production.

Available in 1 shape – Standard

Available in 3 gauges – Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy

Packaging options – 1 pick per pack in a random assortment of colors

Premium Guitar Picks

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