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Rock Star Lesson On Custom Guitar Picks!

Every rock star needs their own custom guitar picks!  The Tone King has put together an amazing video that shows you how to place a custom guitar pick order through our website claytoncustom.com.  His demonstration shows how fun and simple it is to get your custom guitar picks.  In the video you’ll find the step-by-step process it takes to create these rock star picks.  If you would like to show your friends how to place an order this is [...]

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Love your Picks

We receive a lot of designs for custom picks that are music-related, but today we wanted to show some designs that combine the love for guitar with another passion. You can put anything that you have an interest in on a guitar pick, whether it be your awesome pet, your soccer craze, or your favorite motorcycle. The picks shown here all happen to be acetal, and the designs look great on them. Picks like these can make perfect gifts for the musician that you know. Don’t forget that Father’s Day is just around the corner. If there is a great [...]

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The Lighter Side

When customers are designing custom picks to order from us, we usually advise against light colors because they don’t always print as well as bold, bright designs. However, if you have an awesome design with some lighter shades in it, we definitely recommend our acetal picks. Acetals are white, with a slight opaque quality to them. They are available in eight different gauges ranging from .38 mm to 1.9mm. They are also available in three different shapes; standard, rounded triangle [...]

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Pick of the Week, Trees on Fire

This week we selected a pick on our Green Delrin pick material, by a group named Trees on Fire. The quintet’s first full-length album Organica connects the dots between rock, dance, roots, and pop music. Recorded in Virginia and Louisiana, Organica takes listeners from the heights of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains to the buzzing swamps and bayous of the bottom-land. Produced by Rob Evans, Eric Heigle, and Trees on Fire, the exciting original music captured on this recording is only a part of the legacy the band hopes to [...]

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White Pearl Picks Demanding To Rock Out

If you want to rock with your music let our white pearls provide the extra energy to your performance.  The white pearl custom guitar picks are a great choice for vibrant colors and colors that need a little extra to make them stand out. If you didn’t notice our pick of the week, from Bon Journey, you’ll see why they chose our pearl clayton guitar picks. The pearl look has been very popular for guitars and guitar picks. Our custom design team has been recommending the white pearl picks for light colors and brighter colors so that they come out [...]

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Sunny Picks

The sun is finally starting to shine, and we have the perfect summer picks at Steve Clayton! Shown here are our yellow and orange colored delrin guitar picks. The designs in this image are good examples of ones that work well on our colored delrins because they are simple and easy to see, even on the small pick size. Our colored delrins are among the less expensive picks that we offer for custom design. They are also a great material for customers who are interested in ordering less than 100 picks. If you have a design that only has text [...]

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Spotlight Pick Art

Shown here is an example of a design that is so cool that we could not resist showing it off in our blog. These are full bleed, two-sided rounded triangle acetal picks, and we thought that the art was perfect for this type of pick. At Steve Clayton, we are known for being able to produce some pick designs that can be pretty detailed and rich in color, and we  often have customers that submit high quality photos or art that they want to put on a guitar pick. The art for these picks was created by Richard Salcido. He [...]

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Many of our customers like to put photos on their picks, of friends, family, pets, or themselves. Sometimes, a fun alternative to a photo pick can be a cartoon or black-ink-only version of a face like the picks shown here. Photos can turn out great, but if you are looking for a design that is more simple, or that is in one color only, there is still a way to get your face on a pick! The picks shown here are white delrin, yellow delrin, and acetal. Even though these designs are not full 

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