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Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini

Products Used: White Acetal triangle picks in 0.63mm gauge

“I play surf music and a very dynamic set on stage: it goes sweet and melodic, or it goes heavy and loud. Double picking all the time. All I need is control, precision, attack, feel and clarity, and Clayton Acetal picks are absolutely game changers! No better pick for me!”

Surfer Joe has been involved in the surf music scene since the middle of the 90s, building up his name worldwide as musician and organiser of events. By currently playing more than a hundred concerts a year around the world, Surfer Joe is one of the most active artists in modern surf music. He represents the true, authentic side of surf music, carrying on the legacy of the original Californian bands of the early 60s with their sound and energy, but of course showcasing his own style. The compositions of Surfer Joe are generally very melodic, appealing to attentive listeners, but also easily recognisable, memorable and accessible to any kind of audience, so that someone defined his records as “instant classics”. All this, together with being the co-organiser of the Surfer Joe Summer Festival – the greatest surf music event of the world – gained Surfer Joe the title of “international surf music ambassador”.

Website: www.surfmusic.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorenzosurferjoe/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lorenzosurferjoe
Spotify: www.surfmusic.net/spotify

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