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Josh Burke

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“Clayton pics are exactly what I look for in my playing style. They are comfortable for speed and chunky for rhythm. Its a perfect blend!” – Josh Burke

At the age of 16, Josh introduced himself to Ronnie Winter of RJA when they toured through Syracuse, NY. A trip to a local music store presented the perfect opportunity to showcase Josh’s skills in the presence of Winter and jumpstarted Josh’s music career. Winter took an interest in the young guitarist and agreed to put Josh in a studio and become his producer.

Fast forward several months to when Josh joined RJA in July 2011 for Summerfest in Milwaukee. Josh was invited to join RJA as a “fan of the band”. By the end of the evening, it was clear Josh is an exceptional guitarist and had won the admiration of RJA fans. You can go to YouTube to see a video of Summerfest as well as the video RJA welcomes Josh Burke. Josh has proven himself a true professional, and has since toured across the USA, Canada and Europe.

Josh is an example of how hard work, discipline, determination and a healthy lifestlye can make a dream a reality. This is just the beginning…


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