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Pablo Sanchez

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“Clayton means more than guitar picks for me it means a dream come true an a solid base on my sound, they fit perfectly with my playing technique, super comfy and probably the most friendly guitar picks i’ve ever played” – Pablo Sanchez

Straight up From the tropical Costa Rica to the world, Pablo Sanchez guitar player, musician, producer and recording engineer also former member of BILLY THE KID band formed on 2008, Billy The Kid get worldwide notice for their particular way to blend hardcore and HipHop, Pablo is a main key on the particular sound of the band, he start playing drums but there was no guitar players that can create or shape the type of sound he was chasing, therefore he start playing guitar and he discover a real love and connection between his instrument and the idea and sound he was looking for, growing faster as musician he start creating and developing new sounds, which in formula BILLY THE KID come as a result.

Pablo is currently working overseas recording and producing new rising stars on Europe and all around the globe. he designate patient, determination, discipline and Straight Edge as the key of his success, he is currently touring around 8months a year with BTK therefore CLAYTON walk side by side with him along all his crossings.from such small country Pablo and his band are a vivid example of how if you persevere and work hard you can make dreams come true. More is yet to come.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BTK506

Also check his newest side project : http://www.facebook.com/crimewavescvlt

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