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Ray Johnston

Products used: Delrin and Acetal .63mm

“I love my Clayton picks. Because i have several styles I like to play, I use different gauge picks throughout our concerts. For open strumming, I use the pink Delrin Clayton pick. For songs where I use my percussion style and pluck-rhythm, I use the orange Delrin and Acetal .63mm picks. If i am so caught up in the moment and forget to switch picks between songs, the yellow pick is my choice for multi purpose use. I sweat during our concerts and I like the feel of the Delrin picks. The Delrins allow me to hang on to the pick when my hands get slippery. My Clayton picks are the best i have ever played! Plus they make for great souvenirs for our fans.”

Ray Johnston is an inspiring musician who has started the Ray Johnston Band out of Dallas, TX. Ray was a former Dallas Mavericks NBA player who had overcome his battle of leukemia four times. After learning he could not ever play in the NBA again he decided to take his efforts to music. He finds a similar connection he had in the NBA with his band. The Band Recorded their first album last August called Sweet Tooth. The band is featured in a TV series on HDNet’s Road Diaries that you can watch on Sundays 9am PT, 12pm ET.

Ray plays with our Orange Delrins, Yellow Delrins, and other colored Delrins of his choice. He likes the picks because he can strum the guitars really hard and yet still be able to hold the picks and have them last during his performances.


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