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Gio Lombardi

Products used: ACETAL Rounded triangle .80mm & 1.00mm

“CLAYTON picks is an important component of my sound. I’ve tried many picks, played many stiles, I though that, thickness apart, there can’t be much difference in picks, then I’ve tried CLAYTON and…. I’ve never used anything else ever since ! Always reliable, durable, a pick for any touch.”

Giovanni Lombardi a.k.a. Gio Lombardi is a performer, composer, music educator, international seminarist, music educational columnist. Born in Pescara, Italy, raised in the coastal city of Bari, Italy, picked up his first guitar at the age of 10, he has not stopped playing music ever since. In Gio’s own words ” ….A guitar was available at home, my father knew how to play few songs. Later on, my sister took few guitar lessons, but somehow that guitar ended in my hands, was that the moment when, the love story that has changed my life, started”

Gio’s love for music and his natural inclination toward education, has started him very young as a Guitar teacher as well. Gio’s training and studies as a musician has taken him to different parts of the world. After laying the foundation of his music education with classical studies in Italy, the first jams with local bands come through. The urge of expanding his experience though lead him to his first professional gig on board of international cruise liner, home was left for good in 1990. After playing extensively in South America, which left an important influence in his writing, Gio moved to Los Angeles where he graduated with honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology in 1999. From that moment on Gio’s has acquired an immense experience as a performer & composer, alternating overseas touring, with U.S. gigs. Gio’s hands have been filmed playing the guitar for national TV commercials, he has composed for Warner Brothers Japan, the sound track of LUPEN the III and GOLGO 13, two of the biggest title in the world of Japanese Manga, released a total 5 records as a guest, a diversified collection of experiences going from Jazz to Gospel, from Latin fusion to progressive Rock.

In 2011 Gio released his first record under his name “SCRIPTA MANENT”. In this record Gio is present not only as a composer/performer but also as an arranger. A blend of musical influences covering a spectrum of genre, identifying Gio’s musical direction. Gio Lombardi is an eclectic artist hardly be confined in a genre, he represents the modern view of the musical world without forgetting the roots. Gio’s guitar style has been described as with No barriers, his writing and playing is a journey through groovy rhythm sections, Jazz influenced harmonies, spicy flavors, rock edge, soulful solos with a touch of flashy virtuoso & sentimental ballads.

Nowadays Gio’s is working on the release of his second record, out of which you can enjoy his latest single release “Good Morning Bella”. Also, he is performing and teaching guitar clinics on line, the new frontier of social-media, easy to access for everybody, a tool of immense potential.

Website: www.giolombardi.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Giosart
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/giomusic2008
Numubu: http://www.numubu.com/giolombardi

Category: G - L

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