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Lauren Stockner

Products used: Ultem Standard .80 and I’m going to say the Ultem 1.2 as well because my next custom order is going to be for that gauge.

“One day during some down time at a rehearsal, the production manager I was working with insisted I try his Steve Clayton Ultem .80mm guitar pick. I was surprised by how flexible it was, yet that aspect didn’t work against me while playing faster riffs. The production manager guarded his Clayton picks with his life, so I had to order a pack for myself and now it’s all I use!”

Lauren Stockner is a Brooklyn based guitarist and bassist with over 15 years of experience playing guitar and 4 years of experience playing bass under her belt. Lauren plays all styles of music with a focus on rock, blues, classic rock, and pop. Her main guitar influences are Dean Deleo, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jerry Cantrell, John Frusciante, Jeff Beck, Mike Einziger, and George Harrison while her bass influences include John Paul Jones, Robert Deleo, and Paul McCartney.

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music and a native New Yorker, Lauren is heavily involved in the New York City rock scene. Aside from freelancing on both guitar and bass, she performs regularly on guitar with the Brooklyn based rock bands The Spanish Channel, The Inns, and Mancie.

Currently Lauren tours nationally and internationally – from Los Angeles to New Zealand – with Interscope/Universal pop singer Natalia Kills.

Official website: www.laurenstockner.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lstock
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lstockner
Instagram: @lstockner

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Category: G - L

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