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Martyr Art

Products used: Glow In The Dark Picks (Gauge: 1.00)

“If there is one thing that I’ve learned, from playing guitar for over 20 years, it’s that your guitar pick really does impact the way you play. The quality, gauge, shape, flexibility and strength are all major factors in how a pick is represented, but it all comes down to how it feels when you do play. I’ve used a lot of picks, and I have to say that the Steve Clayton Guitar Picks are engineered for tearing up the fretboard.” – Joe Gagliardi III

MARTYR ART is an Alternative Industrial Metal band, founded in 2004 by Joe Gagliardi III in Mountainville, NY. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist, Gagliardi is the only official member of Martyr Art and remains solely responsible for its direction.

Martyr Arts’ music infuses a wide range of genres including Thrash, Electronic, Goth, Progressive, Djent, Groove, Grunge, Punk, Orchestral and Noise.

Often, live performances vary from a stripped-down solo performance, to a full-fledged band and anything else in-between. On stage, Martyr Art also employs visual elements such as banners and digital projections to accompany performances.

Since 2004, Martyr Art has released five full-length albums, with the most recent being the critically-acclaimed “Distorted Interpretations” (released in 2013). Martyr Art has also remixed other established (and signed) artists including State of The Union, Aesthetic Perfection, 16 Volt and Juno Reactor.

Martyr Art has opened for national acts KMFDM and DJ Accucrack, Co-Headlined the 2012 Farmageddon Music Festival in Saugerties, NY and headlined the 2014 Newburgh Illuminated Music Festival in Newburgh, NY. Martyr Art has also appeared in three consecutive issues of Guitar World Magazine (Jan-March 2011) in advertisements for Pick Guy Guitar Picks along side John 5 (Rob Zombie) and Suicide Silence.

Martyr Art is currently endorsed by Hit The Road Productions and Clayton Custom Guitar Picks.

Website: http://www.martyrart.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/martyrartofficial
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MARTYRART
Instagram: http://instagram.com/martyrartdotcom

Sound Clips: Our new album… http://martyrart.bandcamp.com/album/distorted-interpretations
Album Review: http://graveconcernsezine.com/reviews/cd-reviews/alternative-indie-rock/3812-martyr-art-distorted-interpretations.html

Category: M - R

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