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Peter Aves

Products used: Acetal Teardrops & Standards; Ultem Gold Teardrops

“Music has always played a huge part in creating special moments throughout my career; one of the first, of which I will always remember, is my Dad opening his Gibson SG case when I was 4, the teardrop pick between the strings; the Steve Clayton emblem has been engraved into my mind ever since. Using Clayton products today always project me back to that particular childhood piece of history.”

Peter Aves is a young, advanced guitarist aiming to continue to pursue his career in the music industry. This year has allowed him to extensively tour Italy, delivering music workshops, lectures and seminars to various age groups until early June, before returning to the UK to work for himself, dipping his fingers in as many pies as possible.

His previous experience mainly consists of live performances with various function & party bands, covering masses of songs, spanning many styles, decades and genres, including Ska, Reggae, Funk, Blues, Rock, Pop, Mod, Country… In addition to his cover work, Peter works with Shoot the Poet, a local, similar aged band from his hometown of Hartlepool, in the North East of England; who have their aims and visions set high for their own music, after rubbing shoulders with such artists as Kodaline, Primal Scream, the Proclaimers, Wheatus, King Charles, Dexy’s and many more. Pete has also involved himself with other performance areas such as working in the pits for musicals; and soothing, lounge music due to his reading ability.

Peter’s initial influence for playing guitar came from hearing the Argos advert as a child, with Status Quo’s ‘Whatever You Want’ gaining his interest. As an experienced guitarist and a huge Quo fan, his Dad stepped in, introducing him to the world of playing music, digging out his very first guitar which cost him a years earnings of paper-boy money! From then on, he was hooked. He grew up listening and playing songs by various rock and blues type artists (where his heart will always be), before exploring and training in Classical, Jazz and other electric styles.

Peter’s heroes now include: Toto, Thin Lizzy, Asia, Steely Dan, Gary Moore, Europe, Steve Lukather, of course Status Quo, and one ‘It Bites’, from whom he received a signed guitar from their front-man John Mitchell. It Bites played a great part in introducing Peter to Cort Guitars, of which he is also endorsed by, making use of both G series and M series models.

The family support that has been given to Peter could not have been more overwhelming, for which he sincerely sends his thanks to all who have driven him forward; in particular his parents Graeme and Sue, whom have given their time, their thoughts and their total devotion to Pete, allowing him to progress and making them 2 very proud individuals.

Shoot the Poet Website: http://shootthepoet.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/peteravesmusic
Facebook: http://facebook.com/peteravesmusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/peddeth

Gary Moore’s Redhouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0BT5pWatj8

Steve Howe’s Mood For A Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIpikII5Zuc

Category: M - R

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