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The Fabulous Po’ Boys

Products used: Custom picks: Warren uses a 0.6 Delrin custom pick, Ed uses a .038 Acetal pick. We also use black soft leather straps and black inner-lock straps.

“We started using Steve Clayton custom picks because of the quality of the products and the variety of materials we could choose from. We continue to use the picks because of the beautiful tone they produce (and the variety of tones because of the characteristics of each material) and the durability. Ed is notoriously hard on picks and Steve Clayton picks never break on him. The soft leather straps are so comfortable no matter how long the gig and the inner-lock straps are pure genius — a strap 100% secure with only leather touching your guitar.”

Born on a snowy night in November of 1991, The Fabulous Po’ Boys have conspicuously made their way around the country in many forms. Always at the core of the band are Warren Payne on vocals, guitar and bass, and Ed Johnson on vocals and guitar.

Warren Payne started his songwriting career when he was twelve, cranking out “hits” to impress his friends. Since then, he has performed from Alaska to Nashville and written over 200 songs.
Warren has performed with his bands and solo in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, California, Nevada, Nashville and Canada. He also worked in studios in Los Angeles as a bassists and singer.

With his band Alki, he had a regional hit in the ’70s with “Someone Like Me,” a song he wrote and performed on the Warmsong Records single. Two of his songs, “Questions” and “Let Me Go” have been arranged and published for vocal jazz groups by Kysar Publishing with hundreds of performances of each throughout North America.

Ed Johnson’s music career started when, at the age of 13, while holding a plastic guitar under the Christmas tree, he asked his father, “Dad, do you think I could learn how to play a real guitar?” Thanks go to his mother for helping him pick out his first guitar with tender, loving care and to his father for inundating him with every hit by Elvis Presley.

In the dual role of lead singer and rhythm guitar, Ed has played in various bands throughout the Puget Sound area, including Fury, Epic, Demetrius and the Strobe Tunes, The Gravity Brats, The Newsies and GRIP.
Ed’s musical journey took a decidedly mellow turn from various travels through Mexico and the Caribbean in which he developed a strong appreciation for the music of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffett; clearly strong influences in his contribution to The Fabulous Po’ Boys.

A Feast For Your Ears, Vol. II – 2004
A Po’ Boys Christmas – 2005
Turn The Channel – 2007
Paradise is Free – 2009
As It Were – 2011

Audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14115063/fabpoboys.zip
Video: “Dominicahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9nQH_1ELgc&lr=1&uid=XNpCuh6EanSDL7BBh0f3BA

Website and Social Media Links:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheFabulousPoBoys
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/fabulouspoboys

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