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The Last Ride

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Early in 2009 two people from the twin cities crossed paths in a guitar store. After a short conversation something incredible formed. Tony Winkler, a local businessman who grew up in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and Aaron Chesling, professional guitarist who group up next door in Muscatine Iowa, started their first venture together in writing and performing country music. Both gentleman reside in the Twin Cities where they both met Tyler King, singer/songwriter. Today the Midwest country group is preparing songs for top industry executives and performing top 40 country hits for local establishments. Long story short, this group’s goal is to write the next big hit.

One Year later and a few more band members, hours of recording, days of production, TLR’s unmatched work ethic aided them in successfully creating the full country sound that can be captured on their debut album: “Boys Like Us” produced by Mather Productions. Almost all of the songs have already had early success in placement and exposure.

In early 2010 TLR released its first song ever written by the band straight to FM Radio, BOB 106.1 on the Country Home Grown Show. The song is entitled “Tonight I’ll Be Your Best Friend”, a song about no matter who you are or where you come from, Friday night is always something we can agree on and become “best friends” just for a night. Shortly after the early exposure on air, many individuals immediately requested more music and more opportunities came along with it. “We are the Twins Fans” while not a country music hit, it is a new anthem here in the Twin Cities for Minnesota Twins Fans which can be heard on ESPN AM 1500. Along with finishing the first album, TLR as been actively making music videos that are actively shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and their website www.thelastrideband.com. You can see all of the videos there as well as at all 89 Lifetime Fitness Locations throughout the U.S. while you work out, this is Tony Winkler’s favorite place to catch some cardio out before a show.
In 2012 TLR had extended there horizons with the release of “Take You Down” and “Get Ready” featuring wrestling legends Mark Ironside and Iowa Hawkeye coach Dan Gable. Overnight the songs became a sensation on YouTube and all over the country. Outlets including radio stations, TV shows and Nintendo Wii games!! All over the country they have aired and broadcasted these songs, From KJ95 San Antonio Texas to 98.1 KHAK in Cedar Rapids Iowa!! TV shows include TAKEDOWN TV and GameMill’s Country Dance 2 for Nintendo featuring the songs along the likes of Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley and Lady Antebellum!!

Who is TLR? Here is a brief meet and greet of the band.

Tony Winkler, father of 3 little girls and married to Emily Winkler. Tony is the Heart and soul of the band, TLRs’ lead singer. After a long very successful career of business he has extended it deeply into the music industry. Producing successful songs with Universal Music Group as well as managing his very own record label (Stella Mae Records and Publishing), Tony aspires to pursue his passions to create great country music and write country hits. His country vocals hit directly to the heart of the common hard working men and women in America. His lyrics are heart felt and truly pulls the strings of the avid country fan.

Aaron Chesling, owner of a good dog and married to Elizabeth Chesling. Aaron is the meat and potatoes of TLR, the lead guitarist and background vocals. Aaron has lived and pursued the music industry nearly his whole life. From touring nationally with rock bands to songwriting, Aaron has passions for almost all styles of music but his heart lies with country and rock genres. He studied with the acclaimed institution Mcnally Smith College of Music and obtained degrees in Guitar Performance and Music Business. Aaron’s passion is to succeed in the country music industry with The Last Ride.

Tyler King, he’s the good-looking guy in the band, father of handsome boy, and Married to Abby king, to see the least he has it all. Tyler is the master of adding the flavor that makes The Last Ride well, The Last Ride. Tyler has also studied guitar his whole life, he plays the mandolin, guitar and background vocals. Tyler is a very experienced individual in the music industry and plays some of the most creative melodies and writes some of the best lyrics here around. Just recently Tyler has successfully produced and released his own solo album entitled: What Matters Most (Produced by Jeff Lee with Tate Publishing), a worship album that is near and dear to many of our fans.

Here in the Midwest you can catch these guys at “Toby Keith’s I love this Bar and Grill with K102 KEEY FM” in Minneapolis, “Johnny’s Hall of Fame” in Des Moines to Jersey;s with KHAK 98.1 FM. Their horizons and tours are always getting longer and closer to your home.

The Last Ride is the up and coming country group to mark down, this group of hardworking guys are coming to town with the gloves off ready to put on the show. If you wanna hang with your new brothers down the gravel road or down the street in your city, rest assured TLR will deliver, entertain, inspire, and will never leave you disappointed. By far the most humble, passionate, and reliable songwriters out there.

Band Website: www.thelastrideband.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Last-Ride/166930623820?sk=info
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/achizzle1
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAt_z6lH3_w

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