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We are Chugger.
Inspired by the decadence of mankind and its aggressive, violent and brutal nature.
We do not fear what lies beneath. Our music has grown a name of its own – locomotive metal.

The initial seed to Chugger started as a brainchild of Robert Bjärmyr in Gothenburg, Sweden, early 2006. Due to various other projects, this urge to bring out the darkest unfiltered feelings onto the metal scene grew in the dark and was delayed until late 2012 – but what a beast it has become.

The music can be described as thrash metal but with a heavier, raw and mutated groove to it and a purpose to act as a vessel for people to unleash their aggravation and anxiety of modern society. In this so called perfect world where pressure is increasingly building up the timing for Chugger could not have been better.
Chugger is a no-nonsense metal machine, fueled by anger and hate.

To listen to the roaring freight train that is Chugger – visit our official homepage!

Official homepage – www.chugger.se
Facebook – www.facebook.com/chuggerband
Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/chugger

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