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Black Dawn

Products Used: ZZ-Zinc 2.00 mm picks

“I began using the ZZ-Zinc 2.00 mm picks about a year ago, and this is probably the last pick I will ever play with.”

Long Island, NY based band, Black Dawn, would like to apply to Steve Clayton for endorsement consideration. Black Dawn is a Godsmack / Soundgarden style free-spirited hard rock / metal band with a catchy and powerful groove sound. Black Dawn has been playing high-profile shows in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for several years. The band is currently signed with Pavement Entertainment, and we released an album with that [...]

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Products used: White Delrin 1mm with my current custom design.

Born and raised in Rock Hill S.C.

I’ve been picking at the guitar since the age of 15. I’ve played on numerous bands from high school jazz band to my current band”ELEMENT.” Music has always and will always be a passion I enjoy the most. Music instead about competition, but a free expression everyone has.

Tour Details: Local and regional performing artist

How you found out about Clayton: Found them in my local music store and haven’t played one since.

Website: https://elementofficial803.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elementofficial803/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCCi53DGcGDECBeSUTgvNMA

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Mike Brown and California Country

Products used: Acetal, Standard, .60mm.

“I like the way Clayton picks feel in my fingers, they are balanced as well as having a great feel on the strings, without the string noise. Because of the shape and texture I no longer drop pick like I used to either!”

Mike started playing in 1976, went to school 5 days a week and played live music 4 nights. Soon he was on the road playing various places all along the western United States as a drummer, just breaking into lead and harmony vocals.

In the early 80’s after touring with the band [...]

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Category: A - F, Featured


Ambush Band

Products used: Black Celluloid picks 0.94mm gauge (standard shape), Purple Delrin 1.14mm (standard shape) and Blue Delrin 1.0mm (standard shape)

“Clayton picks are the best! We have been looking at a lot of suppliers for our custom picks, but none of them can deliver the quality that Clayton has!”

“Clayton picks are the best picks out there. Great sound, feel and print quality!”

“We love them”

Ambush is a high-octane Female-Fronted Hard Rock Band from Belgium!

They bring back the rebellious [...]

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Category: A - F

David Lopez

Products Used: Acetal Standard .80mm Picks, Duraplex Standard .73mm Picks & Inner Lock Guitar Straps “Clayton USA has been essential in creating my perfect tone thanks to their ability to create the brightest yet heaviest tones I have ever heard” Davey Sorrows is the is the product of years of hatred coming together into one persona to bring the best possible experience to his fans. Touring the United States and overseeing two album releases before turning 18 has proved he is ready for nothing short of success. From gaining a respectable following and sharing the stage with countless acts such [...]

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Products used: Clayton Custom Rounded Triangle Acetal .63mm

Jon: “I worked at a music store for years and after trying nearly every pick out there I found that the Rounded Acetal Triangle pick provided me with the flexibility, grip, and durability I need.”

Brandon: “In a pile of picks, I will always find the Clayton.”

Jon Napoles and Brandon Freeman are a couple of transplants who fortuitously met in Fresno, CA. After years of dwelling in the same circle of musicians, fate (and stubbornness) would bring the two together as the last remaining full time musicians of the group. One [...]

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Carley Wolf

Carley Wolf Uses: Clayton Standard Acetal 1.00mm Custom Picks.

Carley’s Quote:  “When I need that extra bite in my tone, Clayton pics do the trick. I love the way they feel in my paw!”


“… Some of the most corpulent, room-filling distortion I’ve ever heard…. in my book The Ghost Wolves win the award for most badass, face-melting tone”  –– Premier Guitar

The Ghost Wolves’ name mirrors the ferocious, primal sounds the Austin, Texas duo conjure from drums (Jonny Wolf) and guitar (Carley Wolf), and acknowledges Carley’s upbringing among hybrid wolves on her family’s ranch. The duo take inspiration from a variety of American styles [...]

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Frank Piombo

Products Used: Clayton Custom Acetal Standard 1.00mm

“Clayton USA, I picked you because you are the best”

Born and raised in Libya, Tripoli, to Italians parents, it’s no wonder that music was a constant in Frank’s life. At the tender age of six, Frank’s family would move to Rome (his mother’s birthplace), where he was inspired by the sounds of his father’s music. An avid accordion player, Frank was moved by the romantic tunes produced by his father, and their effects can be heard in Frank’s music even today.
By the time the family immigrated to the United States, [...]

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