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Daniel Dorninger of Witchrider

Products Used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin Standard 0.88mm.

“They feel good in my fingers and my guitar says they feel good on the strings as well.”

Daniel Dorninger is the frontman of Witchrider, a stoner/alternative/occult rock band from Austria.

In 2013, one year after their formation, Witchrider released the selftitled Witchrider EP and in late 2014, shortly after signing to Truckfighters’ own label Fuzzorama, they released their debut album entitled “Unmountable Stairs”.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/witchriderband
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/witchriderband
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/witchrider
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Witchriderband
Bandcamp: http://witchrider.bandcamp.com/releases
Website: http://www.witchrider.com/

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Dakota Poorman

Products used: Black Celluloid 1.14mm Standard and White Delrin 1.00mm White Pearl Rounded Triangle

“I like Clayton picks for multiple reasons, 1. The sound is more defined. 2. The feel is more comfortable. 3. Price! I was using off the wall picks for a while, until I tried Clayton. I was hooked! From playing small dive bars to large arenas, I always have a Clayton pick in my pocket, hand, and in my pick holder! I will never use any other picks again!”

Dakota Poorman is a up and coming country artist from Washington state. Cutting his first extended EP [...]

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Cody Wayne

Products Used: Acetal Standard 0.63mm, Acetal Rounded Triangle 0.50mm, Phat-Tone, and Black Raven, Standard 0.63mm.

“I’m very heavy handed and Clayton’s picks are the only ones I have found that can take the punishment. I will break strings before I break a pick.” – Cody Wayne

“I earned my salt playing RUSH in cover bands and there is nothing like the tone you get from a Clayton PHAT-TONE.” – Jon Morrow

“I’ve play everything from blues to rock and country and I like picks that are well rounded. Something for tone and speed. Clayton Black Ravens give me more than [...]

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Chris Ising

Products used: Clayton Custom Black Celluloid picks 0.80 gauge, Colored Pearl picks 0.80 gauge and Colored Delrin picks 0.88 gauge.

“Clayton custom guitar picks look great, play great , and provide unparalleled quality. The custom print lasts and won’t wear from finger contact when playing. Clayton picks are the only brand I trust on stage and in the studio.”

Songwriter/Artist Chris Ising hails from Winnipeg Canada, where the winters are long and as a kid you’re either out in the bone chilling cold playing hockey or in the basement with a guitar in hand. Since the age of seven music [...]

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Evandro Mesquita of Blitz

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Pearl Standard 0.80mm.

“It’s such a nice thing, to be able to give away pics to our friends and fans. I love giving them away on our shows, and Steve Clayton made it so easy and affordable for that to happen. I love your picks with my band ” Blitz” logo in it. Thanks guys, peace…”

Evandro Mesquita, the lead singer and original founder of the band ” Blitz ”, started his career in the 70’s as an actor and screenwriter for one of the most influential alternative theater troupes in Brasil, called” Asdrubal trouxe [...]

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Ari Mendes

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Pearl 0.80mm gauge.

“I never knew it was so easy and fun to design my own picks…They last much longer than any other brand, the colors also don’t wear out. I love the feel of playing with Steve Clayton picks. Besides, I use them as my business card,with my AriMendes.com printed on it. And last but not least, their prices are so good, I give away picks at every concert or workshop that I play, no fear! Thanks and Godspeed, keep up the good work!”

Ari Mendes was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He [...]

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Colin Shaw of Run 2 Cover

Products Used: Clayton custom printed white acetal 1.0 gauge guitar picks.

“I have used Clayton Custom picks for over three years. They deliver good tone and performance, while also giving me a customized, and personal way to advertise my band! I’ve got a professional business card and a great guitar pick all in one product.”

Run 2 Cover is a modern pop/rock band from Peoria, Arizona, comprised of Christian Iverson (bass and lead vocals), Brandon Iverson (drums and vocals), and Colin Shaw (guitar and vocals). Their influences include everything from The 1975, and Walk the Moon, to Coldplay and Bruno [...]

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Ace Doggett

Products used: White Pearl picks – Standard shape, 1mm gauge, Also add to the polish that I use very little to get a great shine on a glossy black guitar.

“I love the way the pick feels. It’s awesome. The polish, no word can describe it!”

Many influences by great guitarist, vocalist and bands including Edward Van Halen, Ace Freheley, John Petrucci, James LaBrie, Bruce Dickinson, Michael Sweet, KISS, Queensryche, Van Halen, Kansas, Boston, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater just to name a few.

Lead and rhythm rock guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Innocence Lost based in Tulsa, Ok.

After one [...]

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