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Evandro Mesquita of Blitz

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Pearl Standard 0.80mm.

“It’s such a nice thing, to be able to give away pics to our friends and fans. I love giving them away on our shows, and Steve Clayton made it so easy and affordable for that to happen. I love your picks with my band ” Blitz” logo in it. Thanks guys, peace…”

Evandro Mesquita, the lead singer and original founder of the band ” Blitz ”, started his career in the 70’s as an actor and screenwriter for one of the most influential alternative theater troupes in Brasil, called” Asdrubal trouxe o Trombone”. To this day, all members are actively participating in promoting contemporary culture in Brasil through theater, scenic arts and syndicated TV shows.

The band ” Blitz” is Evandro Mesquita’s brainchild. They were ( and still are…) a tremendous powerhouse, household name in the music scene in Brasil. Evandro is also the main songwriter of all their hits over their 30 years of rock’n and rolling…

They singlehandedly changed the way record labels and radio stations operated in Brasil, revolutionizing the music business marketplace with breakthrough record sales numbers. They were trailblazers, the first Brasilian rock’n roll band ever to achieve that level of popularity in Brasil, thus opening new doors to Rock’n Roll Music in Brasil, including being the motivators and main act of the first world famous ” Rock in Rio” festival.

To this day, they tour big venues, and their music reaches out to all generations, bringing good music and entertainment to people from all walks of life…Lots of humor, great lyrics, catchy tunes and hot grooves were the recipe to a string of hits and millions of record sales, being the very first Brasilian band to achieve the status of Gold, Platinum and Diamond Awards.

Evandro Mesquita’s music influenced the music scene not only in Brasil, but internationally. His musical collaborations with great artists in Brasil like Roberto Carlos, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Martinho da Vila, among many others, reached out to fans all over the world, with many, many TV specials with all the leading TVs in Brasil, such as the Globo Network. He’s writing more new songs than ever, proving that good music is ageless.

Website: http://www.blitzmania.com.br/site/

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