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Darville Duo

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Formed in 2008 by Jacques Darville and Henrik Schwiecker, this original Danish/American duo have created a brand of music that is uniquely their own. The band is influenced by traditional blues, classic rock and a wide variety of musical genres. The music is indeed very eclectic making their sound accessible to music lovers everywhere.Musically, Jacques and Henrik sound great together and their individual styles compliment each other extremely well. This is evident both live and on their studio recording.!

“Perseverance”, the band’s debut CD, is a melodic musical journey, and each song has its own personality and feel. With seven tracks of original songs, Darville Duo crosses, folk, pop and rock, yet maintaining a bluesy feel throughout. Opening with a smooth and catchy tune that demands attention, Henrik’s warm vocals sweep through a story of finding someone to believe in you despite facing hard times, a memorable hooky bluegrass tune about attraction, a latin inspired love anthem, and other stories about love and relationships.On some tracks, the band’s lyrics, melodies and vocals, touch on powerful human emotions. Yet other tracks are filled with humor and fun which creates a sweet harmonic balance on the album.

With the help of fellow Copenhagen musicians Laust Nielsen (bass) and Marco Diallo (drums) and percussion virtuoso Ayi Solomon on congas, Darville Duo have created a unique and original album. “Perseverance” is sweet with a bluesy twist that will leave their listeners wanting more.

Website: http://www.darvilleduo.net/

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQCRKSIwIjY&feature=plcp

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