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Dru DeCaro

Products Used: Custom White Acetal 0.80mm picks.

“I don’t use any other pick besides Clayton Customs, they are durable, vibrant, full of tone, and best of all they are awesome to work with. I go through hundreds of picks on tour, and a new set of Clayton Customs always arrives on time, to my exact specs. Couldn’t ask for more…”

Grammy-nominated producer, artist, songwriter and guitarist Dru DeCaro lives and operates a studio in Los Angeles, CA, For 5+ years he has traveled the world to perform for thousands of crowds, small and large, intimate to epic. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Dru credits his unique guitar tone and eclectic taste to equal parts east coast rock n roll style and hip hop attitude, and west coast soul, dance, and DJ culture. Dru has performed and recorded with many of the top names in Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. His credits include Miguel, Snoop Dogg, Will.I.Am, John Legend, Erykah Badu, Faith Hill, Lil Jon, Ice Cube, JoJo, DJ Skee and Game feat. Lil Wayne.

Dru’s original projects, indie RnB band Monomaniac and electro dance duo Smashtronauts, feature Dru writing, singing, and producing a bulk of the material. When asked about the new music he says, “…just finally getting these Mono and Smashtro records out of my head. After doing so much touring and recording and living and creating with them [other artists], I had to find time to come home and make the sounds and the looks I wanted to make…”

You can hear him weekly on the ‘Drug Free Podcast’ with Monomaniac, and on his YouTube series ‘Drutorials’ where Dru teaches viewers how to play songs he’s become famous for playing while sharing tips and stories from the road. Also see him live in and around LA with Monomaniac and Smashtronauts and on tour with Miguel and Bruno Mars through Spring/Summer ’14.



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