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“Clayton picks give a nice full tone without losing the high ends that we love. They have that incredible “bite”, like if they had teeth. And they last forever!” – Animesika

In 2005, friends Jaren and Dani met when Jaren started his solo career. After playing many concerts together, the band decides to go their separate ways.

Jaren moves to Miami, Fl to study vocal techniques, music business and Audio Engineering at SAE Institute, giving him the capability to express his ideas and participate in the creative process in a more personal level for future projects.

Dani moves to Germany to study music at the International Music College Freiburg, specializing in electric guitar and keyboards. In both Germany and Switzerland he makes a name for himself because of his talent as a multi-instrumentalist.

Three years later, Jaren returns to Peru and starts to experiment and fuse the music influences that had always inspired him. In the middle of the process of composition, under the guidance of the well known producer Kike Robles, Jaren finds out that Dani

had returned from Germany. They got together and seeing the immediate chemistry decides to form a band. Together they finish recording an album filled with strong guitar riffs, punk melodies and vocal harmonies.

They named their first album “The League of Psychedelic Heroes” beginning with that the birth of ANIMESIKA.


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