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Danny Miranda of Queen

Products used: Acetal Rounded Triangle 0.80mm & 1.00mm

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Danny Miranda cut his musical teeth in the burgeoning Long Island club scene of the 1980s. In a place known for brutally unforgiving audiences, Danny immediately distinguished himself as a cat with some serious chops – a player who could lay you out with some of the heaviest funk going, and without missing a beat, drop into a slick jazz groove or a thundering rock bass line. Simply stated, Danny made his name as a guy who could play it all – with ease.

Coming up through the ranks in New York, Danny played with some of best and brightest the area had to offer. The list of people he’s played with reads like a Who’s Who of the New York music set. Early gigs saw him playing with Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath), Al Pitrelli (Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), and John Miceli (Meat Loaf), as well as a host of others. Paying his dues on the gritty, down and dirty Long Island club circuit, Danny crafted a stage presence and style uniquely his own – and the word got out. This was a guy you had to see live, as he prowled the stage, laying down some of the most wicked grooves ever.

1995 would be a turning point in Danny’s career, as he got the call from Eric Bloom and Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser offering him the gig with the amazing Blue Öyster Cult. As a child of the 70s, and a Long Island native, playing bass in one of the biggest acts to ever come out of New York was almost too good to be true. Danny played continuously with Blue Öyster Cult from late 1995 until September, 2004, cutting two records (Heaven Forbid, 1998; Curse Of The Hidden Mirror, 2001), and putting out a smoking live DVD (A Long Day’s Night) from their 2002 Summer Solstice show in Chicago. Touring with BÖC, playing 100-125 nights each and every year, put Danny in front of thousands of soon-to-be-converted fans. Danny’s run with BÖC cranked on until late in 2004, when things would suddenly change.

September, 2004. . . Danny’s cell phone rings, and it’s John Miceli, asking if Danny would be interested in auditioning for the bass chair in the Las Vegas production of “We Will Rock You.” Several phone calls, a few airplane trips between Long Island and Las Vegas, meetings with Brian May and Roger Taylor, and in a matter of days, Danny relocated to Las Vegas to be reunited with John and get to work in WWRY. Things were going well for Danny, and then. . . “The” phone call came in January, 2005. In one of those moments, where you just have to pinch yourself to be certain you’re not dreaming, Danny got a call from Brian May asking if Danny would like to play bass on the upcoming Queen + Paul Rodgers tour. Another round of phone calls, a quick relocation to the UK, and Danny is now living the dream of his youth – playing bass with Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Paul Rodgers. Seems things are turning out well for this young guy from the Island. . .

Danny has been the touring bassist for Queen + Paul Rodgers since 2005, and they have toured Europe, Japan, North America, Russia, Dubai, and almost every other place imaginable!

While QPR is on hiatus , Danny has been playing with Meat Loaf since 2010 . He recently completed recording Meat Loaf ‘s new record, called “ Hell In A Handbasket “ , to be released in early 2012.

…… Stay tuned for further developments, including a solo album that’s still in the works….


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