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More Endorsed Artists Sign With Steve Clayton

We are excited to announce the new endorsed artists!   Chad Johnson And Down 1450 have become endorsed by Steve Clayton, check out their impressive website down1450band.com.  A band that all started in Austin, TX make sure to turn the volume up for their music.  The song “Take it Easy,” will bring a smile to your face after listening to it.  

Artist Blind Dog Cooley has joined the endorsement list here at Clayton. Jon Cooley bought his first electric guitar from earning money from his paper route back in eighth grade.  His musical influence comes from blues artist Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, and Omar and the Howlers.  You can find more information about Jon Cooley through his website Blind Dog Cooley.

Jody Britt, Josh Davis, and Mike Opeka all from the band Boss Hawg have also signed with Steve Clayton.  This band definitely has that electric true classic rock sound from their music.  They are a Florida band and you can hear the southern sound they create.  Make sure to stop by their website for show times and locations www.boss-hawgband.com

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