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photopicksWe often get asked if we can imprint photographs on picks, and the answer is yes we can! 🙂 Here are some examples of our most recent photo orders. There are two printed on white delrin and two on acetal. Normally we suggest acetal for most photographs as it tends to take all shades very well including the lighter tones. Especially if you have a paler skin tone you might want to go with acetal. All photos we print on our picks will have a glossy finish to them wether you get acetal or white delrin. As you can see in the example the way the photo turns out on the two materials is quite different. If you are getting a black/white photo you should definently go with the acetal, as lighter grey does not turn out well on white delrin. If you are getting a photo with very bright colors in it then either pick will work however due to the bright white surface of delrin it will be brighter on derlin. There also is usually no problem with convering the entire pick with a full bleed of the photo like the group on Acetal. Although sometimes the border does look nice. The last thing we’d like to mention is that unfortuantely not all flesh tones turn out on either pick, some may look somewhat transclucent, if this is the case we will let you know if it will not turn out. We hope that this aids you in any questions you may have had regarding getting photos imprinted on picks. If you still have some questions don’t hestiate to send us an email questions@steveclayton.com

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