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Pick of the Week — The Alarm

February 16th, 2011 in Steve Clayton Blog

This week’s Pick of the Week was created for an alternative rock band called The Alarm. They emerged from North Wales in the late 1970s. They started as a mod band and stayed together for over ten years. As a rock band, they displayed marked influences from Welsh language and culture. By opening for acts such as U2 and Bob Dylan, they became a popular alternative rock band of the 1980s, retaining a small but loyal following to the present day. Their picks are made on our acetal material, in a rounded triangle shape. We love the bright colors of the design and the full bleed layout. The picks were created by Travis Tiffin as a suprise gift for the lead singer of the band, Mike Peters. He utilized the “Poppy” logo which dates back to the earliest incarnation of their branding…1981.  Although, he believes this might have been the first time it has been integrated with a Welsh Flag motif…since the band is from Wales. The picks were created specifically for an event called The Gathering: http://www.thealarm.com/gathering/news.html. Shown below is a photo of Mike Peters at the event, and if you look closely you can see him holding one of the picks in his right hand. Mike Peters also happens to be the founder of a wonderful charity organization called the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation. LHSF is an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time. The mission is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care. They do not fund cancer research, rather they use their funds to: Build and support cancer centers around the world, build awareness of global cancer needs, and build international marrow databases through the “Get on the List” campaign. To find out more about LHSF and how to donate, please visit http://lovehopestrength.org/. To check out The Alarm, their music, and their upcoming events you can visit their site at http://www.thealarm.com.

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