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Black Dawn

Products Used: ZZ-Zinc 2.00 mm picks

“I began using the ZZ-Zinc 2.00 mm picks about a year ago, and this is probably the last pick I will ever play with.”

Long Island, NY based band, Black Dawn, would like to apply to Steve Clayton for endorsement consideration. Black Dawn is a Godsmack / Soundgarden style free-spirited hard rock / metal band with a catchy and powerful groove sound. Black Dawn has been playing high-profile shows in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for several years. The band is currently signed with Pavement Entertainment, and we released an album with that [...]

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Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini

Products Used: White Acetal triangle picks in 0.63mm gauge

“I play surf music and a very dynamic set on stage: it goes sweet and melodic, or it goes heavy and loud. Double picking all the time. All I need is control, precision, attack, feel and clarity, and Clayton Acetal picks are absolutely game changers! No better pick for me!”

Surfer Joe has been involved in the surf music scene since the middle of the 90s, building up his name worldwide as musician and organiser of events. By currently playing more than a hundred concerts a year around the world, Surfer [...]

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Ray Powers

Products Used: Black Delrin signature custom (ultra thin).

“Like so many other players, I had tried out a ton of different brands of guitar picks over the years before discovering Clayton Custom. Not only do Clayton picks look great, they feel so natural that they become like an extension of my fingers, and that’s vital when I’m engrossed in a performance. You can’t afford to be second-guessing your grip, durability or quality. Clayton Custom picks give you that reassurance. The only time you’ll be letting go of your pick is when you’re flipping it to one of your adoring fans [...]

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Products used: White Delrin 1mm with my current custom design.

Born and raised in Rock Hill S.C.

I’ve been picking at the guitar since the age of 15. I’ve played on numerous bands from high school jazz band to my current band”ELEMENT.” Music has always and will always be a passion I enjoy the most. Music instead about competition, but a free expression everyone has.

Tour Details: Local and regional performing artist

How you found out about Clayton: Found them in my local music store and haven’t played one since.

Website: https://elementofficial803.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elementofficial803/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCCi53DGcGDECBeSUTgvNMA

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“I’ve used SteveClayton guitar picks for years, without a doubt a top shelf product and a vital part of the Reverence sound!” – Bryan Holland Guitarist/Reverence

“We’ve tried many different picks over the years but none can compete with Steve Clayton picks, without a doubt the very best!” – Scott Oliva Vocalist/Guitarist/Reverence

“Clayton is the king of guittar pick consistancy and reliability for me every time! I use them picks because they’re quite simply the best picks around. I get the exact material, thickness and shape that works best [...]

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Matt Goodrich

Products Used: .80 mm White Delrin Custom Logo

“I was using Dunlop picks previously and wanted to get my own custom picks made with my name and logo. The cost through Dunlop was very high. I had a couple friends suggest looking into Steve Clayton. I looked over their product offerings and all of the artists they work with and was very impressed. I ended up ordering my first batch of custom picks at a fraction of the cost and they ended up being just as good or better than the picks I had been using! The people there are [...]

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Klover Jane

Klover Jane hits in 2017 with their unique brand of 100% American Rock n’ Roll and are set to take the summer concert stage by storm. Armed with the new ‘Sporadic Insanity’ EP released on Sept 24th 2016 and on the heels of their previous release ‘Sacred’ released in 2014 , KLOVER JANE is back to rock for the fans!

Listening to KLOVER JANE is like listening to the “love child of Axl Rose and Andrew Wood,” says an awestruck CJ Plain of TapDetroit, who hears in them a “passion, fury and style, that’s long been missing from music.”

Jay [...]

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Josh Damsma

“I Love every single pick that I order and so do the other musicians i share them with. God bless…”

Josh Damsma is an American Country, Blues and Christian guitarist and vocalist. He is also a veteran of both the Air Force and Colorado Army National Guard He began playing guitar at age twelve. New Castle, Colorado is where he began his first pickin’ on the guitar by attending a class offered at school. Josh began to nurture his music career and interest as well and founded the band Wood Goblin with Jimmy Rock and Duncan Olds 1994. Wood Goblin, [...]

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