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Lauren Jordan

Products Used: Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

“The quality I love most about Steve Clayton products is all the choices. When I really fell in love was when I started looking for a customizable option. As a style-obsessed musician, I was thrilled knowing I could FULLY customize my pick instead of being subjected to cheap lettering and tired clip art choices. I wanted a pick that not only gave me the sound and grip that I wanted, but was also a reflection of my personality. The black design on the white pearl creates an awesome 3-dimensional effect while the full-bleed allowance [...]

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Category: G - L

Jeffry Don

Products used: White Delrin Standard 1.00mm.

“Over the years I have spent tons of money on my rig always searching for that perfect tone. Something that I was never happy with was my picks. I could get great tone out of some, but they never felt right between my fingers, or I could get a good feel, but the tone was lacking. After trying a Clayton pick for the first time, I was hooked. Fantastic tone- especially when you really dig into the strings. They feel great and never they never slip out of my grip. I would encourage any [...]

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Category: G - L

Johnny of Restrayned

Products used: Clayton White and Colored Delrin 1.00mm Pick

“I started using Clayton picks five years ago after looking for a company to make my custom picks. On my first order I was hooked. Not only they beautifully printed, but the picks are extremely durable! I am a very heavy handed guitarist and the Delrin picks don’t wear down nearly as quickly as other brands of picks. They provide me with great tone and attack on the strings with no slip during those long, hot sets, and are just hands down fantastic picks. Other brands just don’t compare, so I’m [...]

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Category: G - L

Jamey Geston

Products used: Clayton custom picks

“I’ve been using Clayton picks for four years and I love them. They never seem to break and I even have a couple from four years ago still going strong! They’re really cool because they are like tiny little business cards, and everyone will always love getting them.”

Southern California rising teen singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jamey Geston has been performing at festivals and showcases from Southern California to Arizona for the past seven years. Jamey plays several different instruments to include the guitar: acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele, piano and learning mandolin. Jamey is no stranger [...]

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Category: G - L

Hour Eleven

Products used: Sean uses Clayton Custom Black Celluloid, Standard, Medium gauge.

“Clayton picks have been my picks of choice for over 20+ years! When it comes to having that security of long lasting and durable picks, I can count on Steve Clayton Picks!”

Metal band, Hour Eleven, was formed officially spring time of 2010 in Riverside, CA. The many musical influences from the four members helped Hour Eleven create the style and sound they were looking for and can now call their own. There were several member changes through the first year; Hour Eleven’s current
members are Dan Daniels [...]

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Category: G - L

Lauren Stockner

Products used: Ultem Standard .80 and I’m going to say the Ultem 1.2 as well because my next custom order is going to be for that gauge.

“One day during some down time at a rehearsal, the production manager I was working with insisted I try his Steve Clayton Ultem .80mm guitar pick. I was surprised by how flexible it was, yet that aspect didn’t work against me while playing faster riffs. The production manager guarded his Clayton picks with his life, so I had to order a pack for myself and now it’s all I use!”

Lauren Stockner is [...]

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Category: G - L

Josh Phillips

Products used: Clayton Custom White Delrin .8 Guitar Picks

“I use Clayton Picks because they’re simply the best. The white delrin fits perfect in your hand, doesn’t slip, and not to mention; if you misplace picks as much as I do, the white is easy to find on stage! Great picks, great people, and great service is what makes Clayton the best!”

When the two things you excel at in life happen to be great American pastimes, odds are pretty good great things are coming your way. North Carolina’s Josh Phillips embraced the blessings of what he loves to do [...]

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Category: G - L

George Becker of JADED PAST

Products used: Clayton Colored Custom Delrin Picks

“Great Quality , Great Service , Look and Feel Great!!”

George Becker, Lead Singer/Guitarist/Front Man and creative force behind the rock band “Jaded Past” got his start in music the old fashioned way…with the lure of bright lights and shady women.

Since his high school days George has grown and maintained a reputation as a skilled songwriter and a dynamic front man. George credits his influences to bands like T-Rex, The New York Dolls, Kiss and Bon Jovi, along with a heavy dose of Steven Tyler.

Honing his craft in the bands “Hex” [...]

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Category: G - L

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