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Travis Bettis of Lee Brice Band

Products used:
Acetal 1.00mm, standard

“These picks have balls. I play thick strings, loud and hard. No more broken picks circling my pedal board after a 90 minute set…..lol”

Travis Bettis grew up in the overlooked rock and roll / blues music scene of Houston, TX. He sat in open mic blues jams with his father, Big Al Bettis, at one of Houston’s best kept little secrets, Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar. At an early age he got the bug to play electric guitar and by the time 18 hit, he was off to Nashville. After a few years [...]

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Tim Foreman of Switchfoot

Tim Foreman plays bass for Switchfoot, a 5-piece rock band from San Diego. The band originally formed as a trio in 1996, and they cut their teeth playing sweaty rock shows in every rock club across the US. The band released 3 indie records prior to their better known major-label releases, “the Beautiful Letdown” and “Nothing is Sound,” which have combined to sell 3.5 million records with hits such as “Meant To Live”, “Dare You To Move”, “Stars”, and “One Tonight”. Tim began playing bass at age 11, in a Led Zeppelin cover band with his brother Jon. In addition [...]

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Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly

Products used: Acetal Standard 1.00mm.

“I’ve been using Steve Clayton picks for years. they’re durable, they’re easy to hang on to, they look cool and they sail well when I toss em’ at the crowd! I once had a sound man tell me that my pick hit him in the chest from over 100 feet away. Try doing that with a cheesy light pick!”

For fifteen years Reckless Kelly has been doing things their way, bucking the mainstream system and playing by their own rules, straddling the fence between country and rock as if they built it themselves. Throughout the [...]

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The Day After

Products used:
Clayton Playboy Bunny logo Medium thick Picks. (Black)

“The Playboy Bunny Picks have the best grip in a sweaty situation, if you know what I mean”

Forming in the summer of 2008, the aggressive pop band, The Day After, has prided themselves as a hard-working DIY outfit from day one. The five-piece has worked with Indianapolis’ All-ages Punk powerhouse, Piradical Productions, from the very start and owes all the thanks in the world to Piradical, The Emerson Theater, The Vessel Studio, McWoah’s Studio and Productions, and most importantly the local scene of bands, venues and fans that [...]

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Products used:
Johan Carlsson – Bass – acetal standard format custom pick 0,80
Magnus Eronen – Guitar – acetal standard format custom pick 1,0
Calle Johannesson – Guitar – acetal rounded triangle custom pick 1,26

“Easy to order your own custom made pick and the best quality we ever tried. we wanted the best, and we got it from Clayton.”

The title of the upcoming SPARZANZA album is “Circle“

A symbol that often represents aspects of time, life, secret societies, barriers you might shelter within or hidden borders that protects you from good or bad. Sometimes [...]

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Scoot Pittman

Products used:
Acetal Rounded Triangle .80mm custom guitar pick

“I use the Acetal Rounded Triangle .80mm custom guitar pick. It feels great and it has three sides to it which makes the pick last longer. For me that’s a huge thumbs up because I perform over 300 shows a year!”

It takes a professional to seamlessly blend booty shakin’ rhythm with lasting, meaningful lyrics, but that is exactly what Scoot Pittman is and it is exactly what he has done. Like mama’s Southern cookin’ sticks to your gut, Scoot’s music will satisfy that sweet spot in your brain and [...]

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Shawn Bowen

Products used:
Clayton custom picks

“I love my Clayton Custom guitar picks!!! Top quality, plus with custom logo printing they make for great calling cards…and mine glow in the freakin’ dark!”

I currently have 2 active bands… “World Collision”, and “Didges Christ SuperDrum”….

Here is a World Collision video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gxpmMp8Ljg

Here is a Didges Christ SuperDrum link with a wicked guitar solo…:-) You can see why I like the uv reactive picks in this one… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do_AW0O3HQg

World Collision’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WORLD-COLLISION/154915432664?ref=ts

Didges Christ SuperDrum’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Didges-Christ-SuperDrum/160224627353322?ref=ts

I also happen to be a multi-instrumentalist and was recently asked to do [...]

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Sean Driscoll

Products used:
Acetal Polymer Picks, Rounded Triangle 1.00mm, Brass Socket Guitar Slide, Clayton Leather Guitar Strap

“Clayton makes the best picks I’ve ever used, anywhere. The feel of them and the sound they help me produce I’ve never been able to match with another brand. I started buying their other products because after getting in touch with them I found they’re a great company and like working with musicians. I’m a fan.”

Sean Driscoll is a professional musician living in Brooklyn, NY.

One of his bands, Sean Driscoll Group right out of college won Best Unsigned Band in a [...]

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