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Products used: Custom printed Acetal 1.0mm triangle picks

“Ever since I tried Clayton guitar picks I never looked back. I play very fast and aggressive, and the grip, quality and durability of these picks are outstanding!”

MISCONDUCT was formed in the little Swedish town of Kristinehamn and have through the years developed their sound to a unique form of melodic hardcore punk. Through endless touring the band have managed to build up a very strong and loyal fan-base all around the globe.

The band has toured all over Scandinavia, Europe and North Amercia together with bands like Anti-Flag, Sick Of [...]

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Category: M - R


Products Used: We all use Clayton Custom Green Delrin picks (0.88mm gauge), Triangle for bass and standard shape for the guitarists.

“You feel the strings, the sound is pure. They’re light and dynamic but especially Green!” – Jeff Cold

“Really precise, a great attack, everything I was expecting for!” – Max Shortlegs

“Just pick up my pick, feel the energy, I would sing with it if I could!” – Matt Grand

The Toshes are not an indie rock band, they don’t play old school music, and they don’t play electronic music.They are a new psychedelic rock band from the 21st [...]

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Category: S - W

Kenta Hayashi

Products Used: Ultem Standard 0.72mm & 0.80mm.

“These picks have the special and unique tone! The texture is so dry and brilliant which I love. The sound of these picks fits my music style very well. I am just super happy to play my guitars with them!”

KENTA HAYASHI Japanese exotic & artistic musician

“Japanese singer-songwriter and loop pedal ninja KENTA HAYASHI takes the term ‘one man band’ to next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects, percussion, and electronic beats. The result is a fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys surrounded by soundscapes and an overtone of [...]

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Category: G - L


Products used: Steve Clayton custom guitar picks and stock picks in Acetal 0.80mm.

“Steve Clayton products never disappoint your guitar.”

Hollowpoint is a hard hitting southern rock band that delivers an entertaining show and great original music. Founded in 2012 by guitarist Erek Wright and bassist Aaron Campisi they have been working on developing a name for themselves. Finding guitar player Zach Van Dorn, drummer John Wagner, and singer Ray Peterson they’re continuing to mature their sound. Hollowpoint has been described by national acts to resemble a rock sound, similar to Black Stone Cherry.

Website: www.hollowpoint4you.com
Facebook: [...]

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Category: G - L

Nalle Colt of Vintage Trouble

Products used: Clayton Custom White Pearl 0.80mm Standard Shape.

“Just great guitar picks!”

Vintage Trouble is a sensational, soulful four-man band whose very essence screams out loud of the late 1950’s to 1960’s. Turned on by and tuned into the evolutionary period in music and life when there was a razor thin line between Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, the band reconnects us all to one universal vibration. Their modern day classics transport the mind, spirit and body back to a sweaty, swinging, heart-thumping speakeasy. Their live shows feel like a sweet southern down-home revival mixed with a [...]

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Category: Featured

Gio Lombardi

Products used: ACETAL Rounded triangle .80mm & 1.00mm

“CLAYTON picks is an important component of my sound. I’ve tried many picks, played many stiles, I though that, thickness apart, there can’t be much difference in picks, then I’ve tried CLAYTON and…. I’ve never used anything else ever since ! Always reliable, durable, a pick for any touch.”

Giovanni Lombardi a.k.a. Gio Lombardi is a performer, composer, music educator, international seminarist, music educational columnist. Born in Pescara, Italy, raised in the coastal city of Bari, Italy, picked up his first guitar at the age of 10, he has not stopped playing [...]

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Category: G - L

Michael Valenzuela aka MADV

Products used: Clayton Custom Delrin 0.73mm MADV Triangle picks.

“I use and abuse Clayton custom MADV picks , the thickness of the pick withstands the torture I put them through on a daily basis.”

Michael Valenzuela was no stranger to music growing up in a very musically inclined family. He spent the majority of his younger years in Washington state. His father was a musician playing in several well known bands, a road manager, and owns his own studio. His siblings play instruments, as well. When this family gets together, the Valenzuelas can’t resist the urge to make music together. [...]

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Category: M - R

Chris Crush of Permacrush

Products Used: Clayton Custom Picks – White Pearl 1.0 gauge and White Delrin 1.0 gauge.

“I love Clayton picks. They are durable and don’t crack or break. Its always nice to get a package of custom picks in the mail with the band logo on them. It feels like Christmas morning!”

Every so often, the planets align and Rock and Roll rears its ugly head. That’s what has happened with PERMACRUSH. Counted out and left for dead many times, this band continues to kick ass. Formed in 2005 by frontman/stuntman Chris Crush the band forges ahead with their own brand [...]

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